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17- Draw yourself doing something badass

Lol the only badass thing I have ever done was help my friends with art thieves and get their work taken down by said thieves

I am sorry I am super lame lmao

So I kind of love arcana swaps. A lot.

Naoto’s the Fool/Wild Card. She moved to Inaba to live with her detective uncle, who she basically comes to idolise even though he’s really suspicious of her. She’s generally pretty serious but as she gets to know people she loosens up and proves that she can be very playful sometimes.

Rise’s the Magician. She’s shyer than she is in canon, but always tries to remain positive. This proves difficult after her senpai/mentor figure/crush gets murdered. She likes obnoxiously generic pop music and biking.

Yosuke’s the Chariot. He has no common sense. He always tries to recreate things he saw in action movies and hurts himself as a result, hence the constant bruises and bandages. He’s actually pretty brave, even if he does always stick his foot in it.

Yu’s the High Priestess. He’s always trying to remain on top of things and keep everything under control, but the end result is that he stresses himself out to the point of illness. Asides from this, he’s really just an extremely eccentric rich kid.

I’m way way waaay too hyped up from the book 4 trailer to make any real artwork, so instead I spent the evening trying to fully wrap my head around team avatar’s new, older looks. I’ll tackle Korra’s other main outfit later.

I’m sure these aren’t 100% accurate, but I’m going to use it as a general base reference going forward, so I thought I’d share it! And I saw people doing the math, so their approximate ages are included as well.




It was funny in my head I swear.

I really want her to be as big a dork as he is.