No but seriously I want to see more quoiromantic/wtfromantic GerIta

Germany, relatively young compared to the other world powers at the time and who wants to do the best job he can do as a nation,  so he works dutifully at mechanics and strategy and memorizing historical facts about the Roman Empire, just generally anything that has clear rules and directions that he knows he can master if he just works hard enough at them. He’s curious about the idea of romance from the books and stories he’s read but when it comes to real life, it makes him bewildered and uncomfortable because he can’t really tell the difference, and he dislikes having to deal with the ambiguity and lack of clear definition between what’s considered “romantic” or not.

Enter Italy, who also seems to make zero distinction between romantic and platonic love, but who’s much more comfortable with the idea of romance due to well, being older and more romantically experienced, expressing affection without getting all hung-up about how he’ll be perceived by everyone else. Predictably this frustrates and confuses Germany to no end, and while he appreciates the affection he just doesn’t know how to interpret and respond to it, thus leading to Germany’s hilariously disastrous attempt to literally play by-the-book in regards to romance in the Buon San Valentino episode

Basically his attempts to categorize whatever kind of relationship they have goes hilariously awry. It’s pretty much still established in the modern strips that they do really care for each other in their own ways, but for whether it’s romantic or not, I like to think that they just gave up trying to define their relationship early on. They fluctuate between the romantic, the platonic, or whatever-the-heck they feel like, and while they still have their differences in personality and culture they’ve accepted their differences and learned to work with each other in a pretty harmonious way… :D

…Well, usually.

There’s a reason why I write NekuJosh instead of JoshNeku.

With gay ships, I always, always write in seme x uke order.
And I ship Neku x Joshua.


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