I realised a while ago that a lot of my ships are connected. I actually ship all of these (not so much ReinerxChrista, but it made the chain longer and it’s a thing, so meh). Freckles at both ends of the chain.

*Braces self for the hate because I’m putting possible notp’s in people’s otp tags* JUST BLACKLIST IT, JFC. And your otp is in the drawing as well <3

"Stuart Stilinski is a dead man walking."

Stydia/Studia AU (Stilinski Twins Edition)

↳ Stuart Stilinski doesn’t chase after Lydia Martin. He doesn’t answer her texts, and when he does, then only to tell her to stop talking and leave him alone. In other words, he’s a thorn in Lydia’s flesh that she can’t get rid of, just another equation she is determined to solve. One thing leads to another eventually, and it turns out their sex is even fierier than their fights. Lydia is not one to kiss and tell though, thus she’s not exactly happy to have Stiles knowing about their adventure in Finstock’s office. Stuart may or may not have accepted a challenge slightly out of his league.

  • *The day of my birth*
  • Mum:Aww look at our little angel. Ain't she pretty?
  • Dad:Yeah, she's always going to be our little angel.
  • *Years later*
  • Mum:I don't know what we did.
  • Dad:Do you think it's because the amount of TV she watches?
  • Mum:I don't know.
  • Me:*slams door open, blaring fall out boy into living room* I just finished my 12th fanfic this morning!
  • Mum:Stuff angel, more like demon spawn.