• [this is my husband's first time watching the west wing. we just finished the series.]
  • husband:(after about five minutes of staring off into space) so...what do you want to do?
  • me:i have no idea.
  • husband:we no longer have purpose. what did we do before this stupid show?
  • me:idk, the past six months have been kind of a blur. i think we used to have lives???

This is the best thing in the WORLD. I enjoy every night with this little boy. It does not matter if he has bad nights and I get no sleep because in this moment you forget all about it! I know I will eventually catch up on sleep because I have my husband! #50/50 #thismoment #parenting #❤️my family

I bought my husband 50 Cadbury Eggs. 

He almost wept for joy. 

Nobody can tell me I don’t provide for my man lol