While Dujardin is almost completely silent throughout The Artist, the actor still had to speak his lines while being filmed. But since the film used cards to relate the dialogue, it didn’t matter what language he spoke. “Sometimes, I acted in English, sometimes in French,” he says. “And sometimes, I was just speaking complete gibberish.”

- Entertainment Weekly, scan by satisfythecrave


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Origin: France


The Tarasque is a mythical dragon of French Origins. It’s described as having a huge ox like body with the head of a lion and a turtle’s shell with spines all over it. It has six legs with claws and it’s face is said to resemble an old man.

Ok so this beast was strong. Like super strong, so strong no mere mortal or weapons could even harm it. And the people of the town of Nerluc, France suffered for a long time from the Tarasque’s merciless wrath.

Then one day a timid Christian girl named Martha came to the city in hopes of converting the Pagans to Christianity. When she heard the horror-filled stories the townspeople told her, she set off barefooted to find the beast herself. She finds the dragon and uses two sticks as a cross to deflect its advances ,charmed it with prayers, and uses his tooth to cut her braid off to use as a leash on him.

By this point, the Tarasque had been tamed and when Martha brought it into the town of Nerluc, the townspeople killed it without delay.

Martha began to weep for the death of the beast, and spoke to the townspeople explaining what had happen, also converting all those who listened to Christianity  After that, the people felt so remorseful that they renamed their city Tarascon in its honor (located in Provence, France). Oh and Martha became St. Martha.

The Tarasque is still very popular  On the last Sunday of every June, Tarascon throws a festival for the creature. The dinosaur Tarascosaurus was named after it too, and it is also featured in the game Dungeons & Dragons.

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