the Signs as Norse gods
  • Aries:the Trickster Loki, and spring goddess Ostara
  • Taurus:Idunna, keeper of the apples of youth
  • Gemini:Freya and Freyr, the twins of fertility
  • Cancer:Frigga, Goddess of marriage, and Manni, of the Moon
  • Leo:Thor, protector of mankind, and Sunnna, of the sun
  • Virgo:Sif, the golden haired wife of Thor
  • Libra:Tyr, known for law and glory, and Forseti, the god of Justice
  • Scorpio:Hel, Goddess of death
  • Sagittarius:Odin, the allfather
  • Capricorn:Skadi, Goddess of Winter and Ullr, God of the Hunt
  • Aquarius:Heimdall, watching over the rainbow bridge Bifrost
  • Pisces:Njord, God of the ocean

World Turtle by John Clowder, 2012. Collage.

Artist’s note:

Inspired by early alchemical imagery this illustration demonstrates the mythic relationship between the Cosmic Turtle and its prey and predator Sesa. Like the squid and the whale these two colossal celestial beings battle in the deep abyss of space in evenly matched bouts millenniums apart.

The World Turtle’s age can only be ascertained by the technological advances of the civilization that habitats its massive back. Hosts to many beings; the World Turtle is nearly planetary in size, and its parasitic hitch hikers compose humanoids and human-sized nematodes alike.

Sesa, on the other hand, never ceases to grow, achieving monumental size over accumulative years. The wagtailed dragon will one day make a nest of a deceased World Turtle’s shell, its offspring feasting on the turtle’s remaining innards before launching into outer space in colorful streams resembling space born spaghetti.


Francis Bacon, Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, c.1944, oil on boards, 94 x 73.7 cm each, Tate Britain, London. Source

Usually, the figures positioned at the base of a crucifixion scene are identified as saints; Bacon’s three contorted forms are surreal and beastlike, in contrast to this tradition. According to the Tate, the artist referred to the furies of the underworld in Greek mythology, the Eumenides, as inspiration for his Three Studies.

the signs as norse goddesses
  • aries:freyja – goddess of love, fertility and battle.
  • taurus:ēostre – goddess of spring.
  • gemini:nanna – goddess of joy.
  • cancer:rán – goddess of the sea.
  • leo:hlín – goddess of consolation and protection.
  • virgo:jörð – goddess of the earth.
  • libra:lofn – goddess of forbidden loves.
  • scorpio:nótt – goddess of night.
  • sagittarius:sól – goddess of sun.
  • capricorn:vör – goddess of wisdom.
  • aquarius:eir – goddess of healing.
  • pisces:iðunn – goddess of youth.

♔ aesthetic modern deities ♔

↳ Zeus & Ganymedes (a semi companion piece to this)

He married her out of high school, you know, so it’s no surprise they fell apart in just two years. His older brothers say he’s with some trans boy he met in a club now, and they’re as happy together as can be. Who would’ve thought?

When someone says ‘nymph’, this is not what you think. You don’t think upper arms that bulk from the broadness of their shoulders or bodies so heavy with muscle that the earth trembles beneath their feet. You don’t think chlorine hair or five-thousand-calorie diets. You certainly don’t think sweat dripping onto the floor where a puddle has already formed as they settle yet another twenty-kilo weight onto the machine. You think skinny; elegant; desirable. But these women — The Naiads of Greece, Team Iara from Brazil, the Russian Rusalkas — they are not the delicate, fragile flowers of the myths. To them, it’s the feeling of perfecting an inch of a stroke; of that tenth-of-a-second cut off their times after half a year of sweat, tears and vomit; of watching the sun rise over the pool as they finish their first practice of the day… It’s power, not elegance or femininity. They don’t care about the attentions of men. All they care about is winning.

AESTHETIC PUNK MYTHS 2/4 Creatures/monsters

Name: Rangda
Area of Origin: Bali

With a name meaning “Widow” in old Javanese, The Rangda is a personification of evil in Balinese mythology and culture, and is the demonic queen of the Leyaks. The Leyaks are very similar to the Malaysian Penanggalan, being disembodied flying heads with their entrails dangling below. Rangda leads her demons and witches against the leader of the forces of good, Barong, a lion-like deity. The Rangda is depicted usually as an old mostly nude woman, with drooping breasts, long unkempt hair, and large talon-like claws. Her face is traditionally a grotesque fanged, goggle-eyed, long tongued monster, and masks of such are very common in the area. With Bali’s association with Hinduism, it’s suggested that Rangda is possibly associated with Durga, as well as Kali, the goddess of destruction. Like Kali, she is generally a malevolent deity, but is nevertheless seen as a protective figure in certain regions. 


[3/??] fave looks & outfits // PCY & KJD: Dream Concert Edition

I usually don’t comment under these, but I really do love the avant garde/hip hop feel that these stage outfits give. The print (the men) is an album cover from a band called Television. Aside from being an homage to early rock, it also reminds me of a punk version of American Gothic (the painting). There’s just a lot to appreciate; fashion-wise.