i feel picked over,
like a slug that little boys 
sprinkle salt on to torture. 

everyone’s looking at me,
everyone’s judging me. 
there’s no protection from the stares,
i sense them on me all day.

no one wants me here,
i don’t live for anything. 
if i left,
not even you would miss me.
—  j.e.b. ((about being paranoid and wanting to kill yourself because of it.))
James Potter

James Potter could be cruel. Taking you apart and picking out your deepest fears, hidden insecurities, and most humiliating weaknesses with nothing more than a cold calculating glance. Much like one would pluck the juiciest and ripest berries from the bush. 

 James Potter could be kind. Letting you know with every “‘lo Dorcas is your arm feeling any better today?” and “good luck on that exam mate!” That he listened and cared about the seemingly insignificant small talk exchanged during the awkward lapses in conversation. 

 James Potter could be merciless. pushing you further and further towards the edge with each and every taunt. Sharp vicious words spat out as if they were doxy poison, red hot rage burning in his eyes. Mouth twisted halfway into a grin and a sneer, icy and forced. 

 James Potter could be honest. A welcome change to the company of people turned jigsaw puzzles. Whose words were riddles, both trivial and exhausting. His blunt straight-forward nature much preferable to that of human enigmas. 

James Potter could be arrogant. Forcing you to lose your calm and feel tongue tied and inadequate. Smirking down at you with the patronizingly casual gaze of blatant superiority that leaves you with clammy hands, burning cheeks, and stinging eyes. 

 James Potter could be selfless. Always willing to tolerate discomfort for the sake of another. If you dared claim you were cold in his presence you would find yourself surrounded by the warmth of his coat and scarf faster than you could even blink. 

 And he was all of these things and more, Because James Potter was human.

Since the beginning, the true heart of the series has been Emma Swan’s journey and her evolving relationships. This journey is emblematic of the show’s themes of love in all its forms, family, courage, resilience, and forgiveness. And all of these themes were beautifully exemplified in Emma’s scenes with her parents and with Killian. When Emma returns to Storybrooke having just faced and fought against her darkness, she has a look of pure joy and comfort as she hugs her son and then Killian. We often say that we can find home safe in someone’s loving arms, and that solace is evident as she hugs the man she loves as if they’d been apart for a year. As happy as Emma was to embrace her loved ones she still backs away from her mother, and importantly Killian notices. This leads to one of their loveliest moments ever because it was not only about the two of them individually and as a couple, but also Emma’s family. Killian takes Emma to the docks, hoping gazing upon the horizon will be calming, to which she says it is. But I think the real calming presence in Emma’s life is Killian. You see the comfort and openness she has with him now in both mannerism and expression. She sits between his legs, and any kind of tension she feels is alleviated the moment she looks into his eyes. Killian says he knows her heart is still uneasy and he feels like it’s his job, or at least he hopes it’s his job, to protect her heart. Emma assures him that she no longer needs protection from Gold, but that is not who he is talking about. The truth of what he speaks is so exquisite and further solidifies not only what an astute and loving man he is towards Emma, but also her family. When Killian traveled back in time he could see how much her parents mean to her. So seeing her push them away, he understands the pain they’re all experiencing and it affects him deeply. Colin O’Donoghue played this scene so gorgeously with tender sincerity as Killian explains that perhaps they did not tell her everything because they were ashamed and they wanted her to like them; and he wisely explains how they tried to protect her because they wanted her to be happy and to make her proud. For a moment Emma deflects saying she would have liked to have known how they turned themselves around saying how she likes when people find their good hearts along the way, an obvious reference to the man sitting before her. And Jennifer Morrison shows in an instant how much Emma admires and loves Killian with a sense of pride in her smile and voice. As much as Killian surely appreciates it, he knows that’s not what is important in this moment. This is why this scene is so exemplary. Not only is it moving to realize Killian perfectly understands the feeling of shame for past wrongs, not wanting to tell Emma for fear of losing her, but we also see just how much he cares about her on a profound level. True love inspires us to be our best selves and fight to stay on a path of light, love, bravery and forgiveness. He could have easily simply held and kissed Emma, enjoying a quiet moment for themselves they so rarely are granted. But he knows she is in pain and if he can guide her towards forgiving her parents he will. He is a fan of every part of her- the stubborn woman she can often be, but also the loving and forgiving soul who showed him that life could once again be filled with light and love.
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CAN I PLEASE GIVE YOU A BELLARKE PROMPT BC I NEED THIS: 'getting slightly too drunk in the middle of the afternoon and slow dancing to dumb cheesy old music and kissing in a way that’s more laughter than actual kissing, mouths clumsy and hands gripping tight and sunlight slanting over them as they move lazily together '

More fluff! It’s short but sweet.

Bellamy found Clarke in the kitchen, fiddling with the music on her computer with an open wine bottle in her hand.

“Isn’t it a little too early for that?” he asked.

She turned around, giving him a smile as Otis Redding began coming out of the speakers.

“This is our house, Bellamy Blake,” she said, stepping towards him. “Our first house. All for us.”

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the day before the war i woke
to your face pressed
against mine, the whole
sky weighing
down on us,
cracked open like the
bark of a walnut

this is what i said to
your opiate face, the
sharp dark of your hair,
the tremors that came
& went like a thousand
disasters on the far away
planet of your body -

i am tired of the sea side
saw mill of your love, ricochet
romance, every fragment,
every shrapnel shell, all
the broken birds outside
our window

of the way you stir in your sleep;
lightly, lightly,
how my heart swings open
on rusty hinges

i am bad at not wanting
you always, another thing
i said while you slept, the
old sun creeping onto
the bed, swelling & sick
from devotion

also this: your
eyes falling open,
the bastion or siren,
every old sore or
wound blooming
open, the whole
fine day between
us & blood shed,
your smile
which never

—  VIGILIA (from the nbc
prompt: vigil) | agooduniverse

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okay so thanks to you I'm now picturing anakin in the afterlife being like "FINALLY THE SKYWALKER GENES KICKED IN, LOOK AT OUR GRANDDAUGHTER PADME SHE'S PERFECT SHE'S GOT MY HEIGHT" and padmé doesn't have the heart to be like "yeah that's definitely a solo thing" but ahsoka's got no such qualms


“Force’s sake Ahsoka WHAT’S YOUR POINT”





“I call Solo genes, Ani”


“Anakin Skywalker don’t you dare go down that path again”

okay, so i was thinking. danny sexbang and ninja brian are practically (kinda bad but also pretty powerful) superheroes, right??? well. what if they existed in the same universe as the avengers. imagine a nsp and avengers cross-over. brian and clint signing to each other constantly, having their own secret little jokes working great together in the field. dan and tony getting in competitions over who has the best innuendo and pick up lines. thor liking danny for his cape and steve laughing at him when he points out dan’s outfit looks kinda based off captain america’s. steve not really trusting them for a while especially not brian, but bucky reminds him with a hollow expression that they’ve all done questionable things in the past. brian and nat getting into stealth competitions and sneaking round, playing pranks on the others, or trying to get the most kills in a mission. brian spending a lot of his free time in the lab with tony and bruce because sure, he loves spending time with danny, but it’s nice being able to do science stuff with other people, especially since clint insisted they all learn sign language. thor introducing brian to jane and the two of them going off to study space when brian isn’t needed. bruce finally having somebody he doesn’t have to worry about hurting when he turns into the other guy because even if it comes to the worst, dan never stays dead long. just. imagine.

Never build a house where your old one has burnt down. Ashes still linger there, and day after day you’ll slowly start to suffocate from dusty remains of old memories. I understand that’s where you laid comfortably, but the smoke has crept through the walls now, the glass lies broken and defeated on the ground, and the door that once protected you from harm went up in a blaze, so you must move on and build a strong and sturdy foundation somewhere else, alone, with better wallpaper and greener pastures.
—  From when I used to write a lot. Now I’m a 👻
The worst part about crying for someone is that most of the time you wish it was them wiping the tears from your cheeks. You wish it was them holding you close to their chest, hearing the music of their heartbeat. You wish it was them running their fingers through your hair, telling you everything is okay. The worst part is not knowing if that someone is the cure or the disease.
—  Late nights

the gemini girl is grace,
she walks lightly on the earth,
her bare feet leave no mark in the soil.

she is beauty,
in the way that humans so rarely are,
her fingers craft comedy and tragedy.

the brushing of her hair is poetry,
her very exhale a symphony,
she pulls clothes over a body made of art.

even her blinking,
is like the fluttering of butterfly wings,
gentle against your skin.

—  all of her is beauty; l.m.

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"I'm here" with ereri pls :D

This got out of hand, I swear I didn’t mean to write this much! :’D

Also, this might not be very fluffy? I have no idea what I am doing.

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You’re not supposed to settle because you always deserve more, you deserve absolute happiness, but all that is, is a state of mind.
—  there’s only meaning to what you define, and what it means in your mind 

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"Put it down, or I will put you down."

“Andrea Moira Queen! It’s just an Easter egg hunt, you can’t threaten the other kids!” Felicity scolded while doing her best to hold back laughter at her daughter’s best imitation of the Arrow voice. 

“It’s okay Miss Felicity, I think Andie saw it first,” the other kid responded as he quickly dropped the egg in Andie’s basket and ran off. 

“Mommy look at all my eggs!” Andie exclaimed as she held out her basket for inspection. 

“Wow that’s a lot love bug, how many of those did you scare off of other kids?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mommy, I’m just a really good finder,” Andie declared proudly and ran off to keep searching. 

Felicity shook her head in amusement and wandered over to where Oliver was sitting with John and Lyla. 

“How are they doing? Will they be in a sugar coma within the hour?” Oliver asked as she settled into his lap.

“Well I haven’t seen Conner’s haul but your daughter is doing pretty well. Four years old and she’s already starting to master her father’s vigilante skills.”

“Oh I don’t know, I saw those intimidation tactics and I’m pretty sure she picked them up from her mother,” Digg interjected, “I was having flashbacks of you ordering Merlyn around.”

Felicity was about to respond when she heard Andie yell, “You have failed this Easter egg hunt!”

“You sure about that John?”

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She does look fragile doesn’t she?
Her eyes seem to swell
From a tiny skull
When she cries
And she blooms pink like a rose,
When she’s swayed
Too easily.

Her encasings disguise
Her foot in the spine of the earth
(Her toes are no bigger than bumblebees)
So when her stomp shakes the dirt in which
You press your head in waiting
You are shocked to find the ground
Never stops quaking.

You are afraid,
So howl at the moon
In mourning
For the girl you thought you had
On the back of your hand who,
Blinded by the salt in her oversized eyes,
Ripped from the skin you put her in.

—  “itty bitty” // a.m.c 

Reina de lo Invisible, coronada de flores.
Te envuelve el perfume del olvido y del misterio.
En tu mirada brillan los recuerdos de la eternidad.
Mujer niña, tu útero es el hogar del mundo.
Tus manos son la guía en este viaje que nos impone esta vida y en el retorno que nos concede la muerte.
Queen of the Invisible, crowned with flowers. You’re surrounded by the perfume of  mystery and oblivion. The memories of eternity shine in your stare. Child and woman, your womb is the home of earth, and your hands are the guide in this journey of life and the guide in the return of death (??)

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"Oliver are you actually baby sitting Sara?"

“Well yeah… John and Lyla are out to dinner,” Oliver stated matter of factly from where he was sitting on the floor with Sara, “Wait, I thought you weren’t coming home for another two days?”

“Disappointed to see me?” Felicity teased.

“No, it’s a nice surprise,” Oliver replied as he scooped up Sara and walked over to her. 

“I just wasn’t feeling so well and the conference really wasn’t worth staying at any longer,” Felicity answered.

 “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, it’s the good kind of sick actually. I mean as good as being sick to your stomach can be…” Felicity paused to see if Oliver would pick up on her hint. 

He gave her a confused look and she crouched down a bit to talk to Sara, “You’re going to have a little competition for Uncle Oliver’s attention soon Sara.”

Straightening back up, she glanced over at Oliver and watched as the puzzle pieces fell into place.

“Really?” he asked and looked at her still flat stomach. 


“I think this is a good time for us to show Aunt Felicity what we learned, don’t you think Sara? Fist bump!” Oliver stuck out his hand and Sara enthusiastically knocked her chubby fist into his. 

Felicity laughed and tilted her head up to receive an excited kiss from Oliver. 

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