The old us is so hard to obtain now. I swear to God that I’m trying my hardest to make things work. The hour long conversations turned to a couple minutes long conversations. Hate how things became one sided so quickly. You breaking my heart is equivalent to killing me. I beg for you to come back but I don’t even know if you ever will. The distance is killing me and I just miss you so much. I cry myself to sleep at 2am or 3am because of you for almost a week now. You seem to not care. You hurt me so many times but I’m still here beside you and I promised that I would love you and always be there for you. That’s what you do to those you love. Do you not see the effort I’m making? Do you not see how loyal I am and how hard I am fighting to get the old us back? Little by little, it’s becoming impossible to get it back. Ignoring the shit out of me doesn’t make things better. It makes things worse. This relationship is between 2 people meaning there are 2 voices. But I feel like it’s just one voice speaking.
—  My late night thoughts