British artists account for nine out of 10 of the biggest selling artist albums on the current list, which sees the singer-songwriter sail past the likes of Coldplay and Sam Smith

This article is from October, before 1989 was released.  But the trend is clear, album sales as a whole are WAY down year over year.  I know everyone feels bad that 1D sold 30% fewer copies of FOUR than Midnight Memories, but they are still far outselling everyone BUT Taylor Swift.

Last year’s sales push included a movie, 1D Day, and Harry Styles after some serious weight training (sorry, but those arms sold a good 100k copies all by themselves).

So stop the doom and gloom!  The rebranding isn’t as definitive as we want it to be, but it’s happening.  Harry - the face of the band - is NOT being presented as the ultimate straight girl’s Dream Guy, he’s being presented as Ambiguously Gay Actual Harry.  That will indeed affect album sales along with general sales trends going down. But I think we all agree that is worth it for people to see who he really is versus who some corporate marketing machine wants him to be.

The album is getting excellent reviews, Night Changes has just been released as a single and will probably do really well based on how positively people have responded so far.

I think it’s just going to be a slower build for this one as the album reaches the ears of a whole new audience.

Have faith!


I didn’t want to do this as major gif post or anything like that so I left some of the dialogue and scenes out of this. I did that because I wanted to show two sides of Tenth Doctor is showing at this precise moment, fear and anger. He is scared about the prophecy of his death, and knows that it is going to happen at some point, and he is angry because he is the last of his kind and he should be allowed to break rule of Time. He feels he should be allowed to save these people at this base, to change history, but he can’t. He maybe the last of his kind here, but Time has no master, and it obeys no one. The Doctor cannot change the outcome of events no matter how horrible, and he should have known this from Pompeii. But he is angry and afraid of not only himself dying, but also another group of people just because he was there. So he feels like because of that reason he should be allowed to change the outcomes of a fixed point in time, but inevitably that is wrong. The Doctor is wrong here because times like this can’t be altered no matter how much he tries. 

I talked to a few older adults today about Ferguson and, to paraphrase one of them, “yeah well there is ISIS and Ebola, uprising in Mexico…that’s just the world, you got to learn to suck it up and move on”. The sad thing was, everyone agreed. One of them left the conversation because they were “sick of talking about Ferguson” and then others just started talking about work or feeling tired. They were embracing “ignorance is bliss” and it made me so angry. No, I don’t individually have the capacity to change every damn problem in this world by myself, but for goodness sake, we can’t just sit idle and ignore the travesties going on around us. I’m not saying drop everything, forget happiness, and just focus on Ferguson (or what have you) but you are sick? you are tired? Just…stop. 

Talking about it can only go so far, working in the realm of awareness, mostly. But teaching one’s children, one’s family members—education, that’s a step, a leap actually. Instilling these proper ideals into the next generations to come, that is a responsibility we have. Making sure the governments, the authorities, and the people know that these disparities in justice are not okay. Collectively, we have a strong voice—we have power. 

I’m not saying everything I do or say has to be about the pangs of the world, if it was, we’d all probably explode, but ignorance should not be embraced. 

You are gone and
I feel like my limbs are missing
The strong, upheld bones rotted
As you told me I meant nothing
And the smile that pointed
Cheek to cheek sinked as
Everything in my broken down
Life did too.
—  You were my happiness, and that was my mistake.

Each and every one of my memories is tainted in some way by food.

New Years Eve? Homemade tortilla chips, unknown calorie content. I developed a strict food plan for the next few weeks.  

A slumber party with my friends? Too many gluten free cheese puffs, I went to bed early and ended up in the bathroom.

My first date with the boy I loved? A lot of carbs in sushi, don’t eat too much. I didn’t let him touch me.

A night out in the town? No drinks allowed, too many calories. Lonely and sober in a crowded room. 

Food has ruined too many memories for me.

Here is my promise to keep it from ruining any more. 

Preview for Ep 6- This scene reminded me of the one in DS!

And on ep 5, our amazing scriptwriter Park Hye Ryun accomplished in 5 eps what other scriptwriters do in maybe 10 eps??? This ep is so fast paced. Unbelievably fast paced!

Usually people hesitate a few eps before they revealed their love, and people hide their secret until the last minute. But NO, not in Park Hye Ryun’s world.

When In Ha told Dal Po about her feelings, I was reminded of how Hye Sung did it.

And of course, hyung… I imagined he would get back at these bad guys, but not so brutally…

P.S. That scene where Dal Po was changing… I couldn’t see anything, yet… I could feel my heart racing… Am I too crazy???

(Pic Cr: 李的泪痣)


my first experience with snowfall has definitely given me a newly found respect for ratonhnhaké:ton. i’ve experienced snow before in yosemite, but i was usually trudging along a worn-out trail. today, i went into the forest nearby to go exploring, and landed on my butt a lot. the entire time, i was wondering how the FUCK did he have the fucking skill to tree-run during the winter.

smh. i would die if i became an assassin in the northeast.

Unpopular opinion ahoy

I’ve kept quiet for a while about this, but if you’ve read my tags on a certain post you’ll know where this is heading.

It bothers me that people refuse to tag Ferguson stuff, even when specifically asked to. Seeing such violence against innocent people can be very upsetting, and some people come on tumblr to escape real world shit so it hurts them to be bombarded by it everywhere they turn. Your dash is your safe place and it really isn’t anyone’s business to dictate how you use tumblr or what kinds of posts you’re exposed to.

Another thing that I think is important to point out is that as much as this is a situation that needs to be talked about, it still remains an American situation. This is happening in America and ultimately they will have to deal with it. Yes, we stand in solidarity. Yes, as citizens of the world and members of the human race this injustice resonates with everyone. But the fact remains that there isn’t much a blogger from the other side of the world can do practically aside from maybe donating to support the people or something.

It’s this mentality with American bloggers assuming that their issues take precedence over everyone else’s and everyone must absolutely be involved and get outraged and honestly I don’t agree with it. They forget that not everyone on tumblr is American, and saying stuff like “no I won’t tag it because you can’t ignore this” or “anyone who doesn’t reblog Ferguson stuff is part of the problem” or “losing followers over Ferguson stuff just shows who the racists are” really doesn’t help. It creates this feeling like you’re under obligation to do something about it, even if realistically there is nothing you can do, and that only adds to people’s stress and anxiety.

At this point, I’m fairly certain everyone is aware of the situation. Even if they don’t blog about it they have definitely seen it on their dash, and it’s not like anyone is pretending there’s no problem. If someone asks you to tag something, there’s usually a reason behind it, and it’s not your place to assume what that reason is. 


I went to bed moments after the winner was announced so I’m a bit late…


You both did an amazing job and were a joy to watch.

Really though and I do mean this if Sadie & Mark had won I’d be equally as happy.

It was a great final 2.

Mom and I talked about Ferguson and we’re just so frustrated with what happened. I mean, I’m not from the US, I’m not even from North America so all I see about it is the stuff on the news and sources I find on tumblr, but I’m still frustrated anyway.

The worst part about it tbh is that fact that people use the fact that he was a thug (despite him not being one as shown by zero evidences and eyewitnesses) as an excuse for him to deserve those six shots, two to his face included.

Let’s pretend here for a second that Mike Brown did in fact steal something from a store. How does that, in any way, justify being shot six times?

How. Just explain it to me. I don’t get it.

Like, these same people call India and middle east countries barbaric because of the many men that kill their wives or burn their faces for so much as refusing them marriage but get up in arms to defend a man who shot another six times for “stealing”. How are the two instances any different? I don’t get it.

Idk, people defending Darren Wilson are very, very scary.