Rackhanne Appreciation Week:

Day 7 - Hopes & wishes for season 2: Mary Read

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Anime this week was horrible. THE FEELS!

Free ES: Cliffhanger. Haru hit depression hard. Haru and Makoto aren’t talking. Preparing my feels for the next episode.

Zankyou no Terror: Cliffhanger. Twelve betrays nine. Lisa and Twelve was about to die together lover style because of bombs strapped to his boo-thang.  Preparing my feels for the next episode.

Love Stage: It ended. Sad life.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus: Ended. The feels in this episode man… And Snake my baby! *cries*

Barakamon: Sensei is leaving. I’m not ready for Naru’s reaction. The aftermath will be too great. Preparing my feels for the next episode.

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki. Enough said. Preparing my feels for the next episode.

DMMD: Ren and Aoba’s bond broke, Aoba learned horrible things about him. Preparing my feels for the next episode.

I don’t keep up with Haikyuu!! yet, but I heard something bad happened. Losing perhaps?

At least Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was normal…well aside from Nozaki sleeping after being asked an important question… *watches the preview for next episode* I’M DONE. I just can’t anymore.

Preparing my feels for the next episodes.

Directors, please don’t meet up and say, “Hey, let’s plan a week to make everyone feel absolutely terrible about their lives. OKAY!!”

Cries in the corner…


I like redoing these every once in a while, and I’m feelin’ the mood to be doing a couple of these right now.

Oh and hey look sketches are cheaper now, neato!
So here are some general guidelines not directly stated in the images:

  • Backgrounds are 10$(except for color sketch backgrounds, those are free!)
  • each additional character costs the base price. 10$+ for sketch, 15$+ for color sketch, 20$+ for lineart etc. etc.
  • I am open to do NSFW, but please be considerate if I decline. (not everything is my thang yo)
  • I take paypal only,

If you got any questions ask/fanmail me directly! I won’t bite~
Alternatively contact me at ropnolc@outlook.com ! (note: this is not my paypal e-mail)

Oh I’m also clearing the commissions page on my blog, been feeling like all those categories have been cluttering the thing recently, sometimes the simple way is the best way!

Something u don’t know about me.. Growing up as a kid I never smoked or drank. The 1st day I officially drank was the day my mama dropped me off to Orlando for college in 2007. I started smoking here and there in college but it wasn’t my thang. Even when I did the Movie “The Heat” I didn’t know how to smoke. But until a year later I moved to LA.. Shit changed.. What point am I making? I never thought as a kid I’d be doing this. Be careful what u voice in life. You never know what may come about. We all God like people trying to figure it out. No excuses! [#FCHW] x [#TBPG] x [#BLCC] ⚡️


"Underneath all of the programming and underneath what has happened to him there is still  B u c k y  B a r n e s  and there is still an American patriot and hero.” (x)