When we started shooting I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to "be himself and try to look cool". Yes, so I facepalmed in my mind right after that. He gave a little chuckle and said he’d do his best though he’s not sure about the cool part.
When I was taking the close ups, he said quietly “how’s my cool factor?”. I just stared. And then blurted “amazing, you’re very beautiful”. Facepalm number 2. 
After the shoot he was very nice and polite, we took a pic together and I told him I saw him in Birdland so he realised I was also a fan.

He’s quite mesmerizing in person. 


A small selection of photos I’ve never posted before of Orkid in celebration of her 26th birthday!

Orkid was born on September 23rd 1988 at SeaWorld San Diego, where she remains to this day. Her parents were Kandu V and Orky II making her 50% Icelandic and 50% Northern Resident. She is about 19ft long and weighs 5,400 lbs.

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