It’s 2015 and people still don’t know that shipping “2  characters who haven’t even talked” called crackship and it’s normal to ship it( poor babus)

It’s 2015 and people still hating one multishipping

Multishipping isn’t a bad thing,when you’ll understand that ?????

You can have the OTP,ship it hard,give it all your love and passion, but you also can find other relationships of your otp characters interesting and like it

There is nothing wrong with it????

Otp is gonna stay on it position as your number 1 

Your love isn’t less if you multiship

And that purists>>>>>>>>>>>multishippers thing is getting on me

Like how come purists better than me- a person who lives,breathes her otp and showing her huge love every possible way??? How come it makes me a bad shipper if all i do is worshipping my otp every day and just sometimes blog about their other relationships which i find interesting???

How come this make you better than me???

It’s ok that you dont multiship,but making multishippers look like they’re some weirdos who ship godknowswhatlameships and not truly love their otp is really shitty