Little Fanfic I wrote

This is a fanfic i wrote about my oldest OC, Doodle Drop, and the main OC of my blog. So…ye, okay. bye


I was alone. A helpless, jobless, little nopony. All alone.

That was about to change.

Doodle Drop galloped to the nearest train stop, hoping she wasn’t late. Her hooves clicked loudly on the concrete ground, making a soft echo. She was such in a hurry that she forgot that she could fly; which was much faster. Though, it was a bit more dangerous since Doodle’s wings were smaller than others and she could easily crash land atop of somepony or worse, if there was nothing to catch her.

Her black pupils and purple, vibrant orbs concentrated on the train station, not even noticing the train was moving slightly as grey smoke followed behind,


That took Doodle out of her trance. She gasped slightly, now realizing the train was about to go. It was only a matter of seconds until the train was gradually moving faster. Out of the blue, Doodle Drop spread her pale, yellow wings. She had to, or else, she would have to wait another month for the next train to Ponyville to come. Her hooves lifted off the ground quickly as she did said actions. Every five seconds she flapped her wings, flying faster.

Doodle Drop was merely a couple inches apart from the train’s ladders, and once she got a hold of them, she pulled herself to the train. Once Doodle Drop got inside, she was of course tired.

She looked behind her, seeing the Manehatten Train Station becoming smaller in perspective slowly. A small smile tugged on the corners of her lips, a relieved smile. Finally, she was gone from Manehattenn. No more worrying, no more stress, no more problems…



You guys should see this! »[ LINK ]«

Really cool concept! hhhng I’m afraid I’m too busy to join but song gijinkas!  And the concept are really amazing!

The character I’m going to use for the group is the character on the left- the one that has dark skin and glowing freckles (yes, they’re glowing). Song based is Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurston Harris. Character on the right is Pan, my character in BJBB.

If you’re planning to design a character based on this concept, remember to credit the mods/group! This could be a great exercise in designing a character.