Top 20 Anime Movies

So, I did a post a while back about my top 20 anime and well, quite a few of you seemed to really enjoy it. I very quickly thought that it would be fun to do another top list, but I didn’t want it to turn into a mainstay thing that the blog was for either. I’m sure I could go on and on with weird lists encompassing genres, character types and various other things. But no, I’m not going to do that. So I’m only doing two more top lists for this blog, and that’s that. One is one for a later time because I need to really do some research for it. The other though, is what can be found down below.

I actually felt I wasn’t prepared for it when I initially announced that I’d do a top list of anime movies, so I’ve spent the last few weeks watching quite a few of them. Some are well known like various Ghibli movies I hadn’t seen yet, but others were movies that might not have been as well known. It’s been an interesting time watching these and I’d love to really spotlight all of them in some degree. That would be a monster post though, which this will already be.

I’ve decided again to go with a top 20, mostly because 10 just leaves too much out of the mix. Before I started on this project, I didn’t really think about how many anime movies were actually out there and well, there are a lot of them. Far more if I didn’t impose some rules for this list. These are pretty simple though. It has to be a self contained movie or movie series. No movies from anime series (sorry guys, no Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya here) unless it’s where the series started (Ghost in the Shell would thus be okay). I also decided to stipulate that it had to be of a reasonable movie length to avoid all of these single episode anime that are often listed as movies but have a running time of roughly half an hour or less (things like Ojiisan no Lamp or Little Witch Academia). They can be made for TV movies though, as one entry actually is. And of course, like last time, this is my list and thus my opinion. A lot of these are based on my enjoyment rather than their historical merit (if that bothers you, please stop now so we can avoid an argument). Other than that, it’s been pretty much free reign as I started watching movies and considering what I’d already seen.

Like last time, this will count down from 20 to 1. There will be a section after the end for a couple of honorable mentions though, as there were a couple movies I think were well worth getting some credit but that just weren’t things that I enjoyed to that level. So without further delay, these are my top 20 anime movies.

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Photos by @T_SONOYAMA, @na_ta_s, and Kinisoku respectively.

[via RocketNews24 and iNotOtaku]