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We know you’re all probably tired of all these Patreon ads but this one’s a bit different. This one is for an entire group as emergency funds, because lord knows with around 20 people something is always bound to go wrong for at least one of them.

So if you’re always debating on who to support on Patreon because there are so many people out there, this one is actually made for many artists, writers, and voice actors who may be in need.

Please spread the word and watch even if you’re not interested in Patreon, because hey, it’s still a fun animatic with great voice actors and Doctors :)

Waaaaaaaay back when the prestigious pony pictorial Equestria Daily hit 1 million page views, Seth asked me to make a special banner to commemorate the benchmark.  Since then EQD has hit something like 400 quindrillion views, but they were still kind enough to use my old banner in regular rotation.  

I decided it was high time for an update!  Here’s to another 400 quindrillion horse views and beyond!


Colgate: Don’t worry I’ll warm you up!

Berry: Ohhh really ~

Colgate: Not like that!

Berry: Awwww…

Colgate: …Ok, ok! We’ll do it your way!

((FUCK EVERYTHING!!!! So much wrong despite the obvious of this being HORRIBLY LATE!!! ARGGGGHHHHH!! I was going to nominate others but what’s the fucking point now?!!? I fail, I suck goddamn it!!))