tbh i was talking to my friend once and i said “Grab life by the balls” and she was really passionate about whatever it was she was talking about and she said “YOU GOTTA GRAB LIFE BY THE BALLS, YOU GOTTA- YOU GOTTA GRAB ‘EM AND RIP THEM OFF RIP THE BALLS OFF” and thats my new philosophy 

Random thoughts on this Tuesday:

+ Right now, all I want is a nap and a cupcake and to not have to think of anything work-related until tomorrow. Pretty please.

+ You haven’t seen real chaos until you’ve been in a pre-school room at snack time. Pure madness, I’m telling you. Those pre-school teachers are brave souls.

+ If I lose my mind, it will be because I got stuck in yet another meeting where 25 minutes were spent debating one word choice. 

+ If I make it to the gym after this 12 hour work day, it will be a serious miracle. 

Okay, now I’m going to go prep to lead a meeting where everyone else will be twice my age. Over and out.

P.S. Photo is from this past weekend when I went to the Joffrey Ballet’s Stories in Motion in Chicago’s prettiest theater. Can it be the weekend again?