my kinda church

I don’t think I have a confirmation saint. Like I was confirmed when I was 3. And I think that’s cool and all but like, I don’t have a confirmation saint. And that’s not that cool.

I really love black basketball shorts

And the other day when I brought up th at she needs to get me more, she said (In the nicest way possible) that they aren’t very attractive or feminine, she couldn’t even find them in the girls section of the store

Pffff Mom I don’t really care about that lol

Dear those who do not like religious people,

There are moments in time where we ARE too pushy and annoying and need to be reminded.

There ARE moments in time where we hold our tongues and refuse to give our opinion.

There ARE moments that we make mistakes.

There ARE times when we go a little too far.

Think of it like this:
Imagine your favorite fandom, the one you cherish so much and has brought you happiness in this cruel world. Now, look at the religious people in your community. They’re in a fandom too. And lots of times this is their favorite fandom.
Like all people in a fandom, they want to share it.
Do you ever have a moment when your friend goes on and on about a fandom you’re not in?
Sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes it doesn’t bother you.

Think of religious people as a fandom, sometimes they go too far, sometimes not far enough, but they for sure love what their fandom is.

We all love our fandoms, it’s a huge part of this community.

Let’s embrace them all, because they all need some love.