He’s Back!

I Wanted To Hold Back On A Post To David Pocock, Because As Anyone Can Tell You About Me, He Is The Hottest Rugby Player To Me. Not Only Is Bam Bam A World Class Athlete, Fine Flanker, And Handsome As Hell. More Importantly David Pocock Is A Humanitarian In The Truest Sense Of The World, Caring For Human Rights Issues The World Over.

It Is Such Good News To Hear That He Is Back In Finer Form Than Before Ready To Help The Brumbies Achieve It All In The Coming Season!

Glad To Have You Back In The Saddle, Mate!


- Heroplier - 

"Hey @markiplier !

Thank you.

Thank you SO MUCH for being this amazing person that you are.

Thank you SO MUCH for believing in me more than everyone else ever did.

Thank you SO MUCH for backing me up more then my parents do.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me getting through hard times.

And again, thank you so much Mark! I believe in you just like you believe me. Thanks :)

With love,

Your little 14 years old fan João/ Jhon from Brazil.”

So, Mark, I did this to remeber that YOU are my hero and I owe YOU everything I have :)


             Today November 15 is international Steve Irwin Day

 On this day we take time to remember a great man and my personal hero, Stephen Robert Irwin.

    For someone with such a big and loud personality the one thing that always stood out to me was his smile. The way his face lit up when he saw an animal he loved, that kind of pure joy like a child at christmas for every overturned leaf and rock. He was always smiling at something crawling or swimming beside him. Steve didn’t just share the natural world with us but his own world, his passion, his love. We got to experience every jolly laugh as he chuckled giddy at the sight of a snake spread across a dirt road or a spider he found in his shoe. Everything that swam, flew, or walked on the ground lit him up and we had a chance to be there. We got to feel what he felt every day of his life as he looked out into the bush. When he laughed, we laughed, when he smiled we smiled, and when he cried, you’re damn sure we cried too. He saw each of these creatures as a personal friend and treated them as such. I never got to know this man personally, but had I gotten the chance the first thing I’d do is thank him, for doing a kindness to the world, and all it’s creatures big and small. 

We miss you mate.       -Wes