Volkevens for EW
  • Stevens:Her and I had spoke when we were going out for the auditions. We were like, “Let’s not be bitches.” Whoever gets Karma, we look different, it won’t be a reflection of our acting ability. When we found out that we both got both roles, we immediately went to dinner together and started hanging out.
  • Volk:We really wanted to get to know each other and realize that the casting was so perfect. There are so many elements of Karma that is Katie and there are so many elements of Amy that is me. It worked out perfectly.
  • Stevens:We’re super cheesy, and we’ll just look at each other and be like, “Thank you for being wonderful.” No offense, but I could’ve wound up with someone who was a total bitch playing Amy.
  • Volk:True. I can’t even imagine because I literally see her all the time. I have to be with her a lot, so if she wasn’t tolerable, I would not be happy.
  • Stevens:If I hated you, that would suck.

Motherhood is by far the most amazing life experience. You always hear from moms how amazing it is, how you never really know true love until you have a child. It is so, SO true. I would do absolutely everything and anything for my daughter. I’ve waited and wished for her for so long, but never truly knew how much she would complete me. She has filled our hearts and lives with so much joy and love already in the short time she has been a part of this world. Every little thing she does, her smiles, her cries… how much she learns and grows each day.. it all consumes me with adoration and makes me so proud to call her mine. There was so much life before her and yet it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t always been a part of it. I can’t imagine being without her, and am so excited for every single day of the rest of my life to be her mama.

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Bastille performing Durban Skies live in Cape Town (2014).

I literally have chills.

"Introduction by Dhani Harrison"

[The following is Dhani’s introduction to The Apple Years box set, typed up from the hard bound book(let) that comes with the set.]

"Whilst doing the remaster of All Things Must Pass in mid-2000 my father turned to me and flippantly said, as he often did, ‘One day you’re gonna have to finish all this.’

'Not if you're here to finish it,' I replied. He smiled.

Thirteen years after his death we have finally put the ‘ducks in a row’ and are proud to present you, the listener, with his first six solo albums, George Harrison: The Apple Years.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of the lovely people who have helped us protect and honour my father’s music since we started doing what he asked me to do, nearly a decade and a half ago.

It has been my greatest honour musically and spiritually to be entrusted the care of my father’s musical legacy. I hope that you, ‘the audience’, enjoy all of the care and detail we as a family have put into every aspect of the content. Not only have I learned about myself from this service, I have learned more about my father than he would have ever dared tell me.

Although I’m sad that he’s not here to see it, I’m equally happy that I’ve reached the place where I am now.

So here it is, the final piece of the puzzle: George Harrison: The Apple Years.

With love,
Dhani Harrison