To our dearest untouchable maknae #leejungshin~ Another wonderful year had passed, thank you for never letting us down with your wit, talent and beauty. May you always find happiness in everything you do. Stay gorgeous and healthy. lol My wish for you already came true:) Good luck on your drama! Happy birthday, Squidward! I love you♥

ok but i’m still not over olenna tyrell fangirling over brienne

because how many times has brienne heard that “oh look at you!” uttered when she walks into a room and it’s followed by something bad or something snide or something poisonously polite or something outright openly horrible, and you can see brienne bracing herself because she has to hide behind her armor and she obviously can’t say anything to the king’s soon to be grandmother in law, but instead olenna just flat tells her how awesome she is and congratulates her for knocking loras on his arse and for being able to do that and validating everything she is because olenna tyrell everyone, and idgaf that it wasn’t in the books and likely would not have happened in the books because it was awesome, and then after that when i realized jaime and brienne were having an old married couple argument i screamed out loud so