If you are lucky one day you will find someone who is excited every time you call them, and just by hearing their happy voice say “hi babe” will completely turn your bad day around.
A girl who’s morning voice is so cute you can’t help but start your day with a smile, and who’s laugh is the most beautiful sound you have ever heard.
Who calls you out on your bullshit and let’s you know it’s ok to speak your mind but always think before you talk.
And who you can completely and totally be yourself around, without any fear of judgment.
Who’s passionate goodnight kisses and cuddles are all you want when you are away from each other.
A girl who turns you on at the most random times and is effortlessly sexy.
And even though you have never been a romantic you will take the time to write a post about all the things you love about her just to let the word know how much she means to you.
A girl who teaches you that your own happiness should come first, and you realize your happiness comes from loving her…
I love you
I miss you
I can’t wait to fuck you… 😁
—  Me!

I’ve never seen someone look so peaceful as she does while she is sleeping.  She has the most adorable sleeping face I have ever come across.  I just wish that I was there with her to witness her beauty in person and hold her tightly in my arms.  At least I know that someday soon I will have her in my arms and will be able to admire her magnificence from up close.

I love you Jade.  You are perfect in my eyes, and that is all that matters.

My girlfriend telling me how she got confused in the middle of the night when I wasn't there
  • <p><b>Her:</b> I completely freaked out because you weren't breathing and I couldn't feel your heart<p/><b>Her:</b> And then I realised you were a pillow<p/></p>
I fell in love with a girl
for many different reasons.
I fell in love with her
for her beauty.
The way her hair falls perfectly
on her face when she’s sleeping.
That cheesy smile that hides behind
the plaid blanket whenever
I compliment her looks.
Her soothing voice that sounds like
the song of a bird by afternoon
and at night like passionate,
rough, 3 A.M. sex.
Her soft brown eyes that
look as innocent as a Sunday
morning, as comforting and warm
and dark as the coffee that meets
her lips, and as deep and mysterious
as the dense forest we’ll one day
go hiking and camping in.
I fell in love with her
for her little things.
The way that she says
certain words way too often.
That shy smile that creeps onto
her face when I say “I love you.”
How she focuses on whatever
we watch on Netflix together.
The glances she gives me while
we watch, thinking I don’t notice.
The kind of glance that lets me
know she doesn’t plan to go
anywhere anytime soon.
Not during the show, and not
in the big picture either.
The way she looks at me,
it sets a raging fire in my heart
every damn time. It tells me
that she only has eyes for me.
That she is just as passionately
in love as I am.
She looks at me as if I put
the stars in her sky, every
night before we lay down
to fall asleep. My heart races
whenever she gives me that
look. The way she presents
this subtle confidence, like
she knows she’s amazing
but if you tell her, she won’t
believe you one bit.
I fell in love with a girl for
all of these things and then
some. I fell in love with her
when I didn’t think I was
ready for love again. I knew on
day two that this girl could
be for me, and I’ve not been
wrong yet. But right now,
my heart has found
permanent residency in the
hands of a girl somewhere in
Oklahoma. It has found safety,
unconditional love, and home
with her. And the one thing I
hope for her is that she always
comes back to me, no matter
where life takes her. I cannot
promise her forever, but I can
promise her that as long as she
keeps my heart, I am not going
anywhere. I fell in love with
a girl who is my life
and my world.
—  I am so in love with you,Tori. I hope you always feel that.

me and my gf were out shopping today and I was showing her the new Monster High ghost characters and she went “…do you smell that?" and I was like ?? and she leaned in close to the dolls and sniffed and then turned to me straight-faced and said “smells like teen spirit" I nearly decked her right there in the store