I should have noticed this a couple of days ago, but I have realised that I now have over 600 FOLLOWERS!!! 

This is just incredible! Thank you so much to all my followers! I appreciate every single one of you, and I would love it if you would leave me some feedback in my fanmail or ask boxes, just to let me know what you would like to see more or less of on my blog within the Call the Midwife fandom. 

This fandom really is incredible, and it’s people like you lot that make this such a great place to socialise and flail about our favourite show and our favourite characters! 

Also, I have made some of the most fantastic friends on here, and I do hope to get to know more of you! You can’t have too many friends! 


… in the words of the glorious Trixie Franklin in Series 1 Episode 2; 

“Thank you, I love you all!”

stream ideas

gonna reblog this post every few hours to make sure people see it but yeah i’m wondering what do you guys actually prefer me playing gimmick runs of games or what

i’d assume nobody’s actually here to see me be good at games because fuck knows i’m not

but it’s getting a bit difficult to be fun or engaging on stream considering NOBODY ACTUALLY SAYS ANYTHING IN THE CHAT

so yeah, what is it you’d actually like to see from my stream because like people keep saying they want to watch it so i’m willing to stream if people want to watch and stuff

anonymous asked:

DOOT DOOT, 10,000 DOOTs old, Anonymous DOOTer, United KingDOOT, Happily DOOTed, DOOT DOOTing, I follow cause you're kinda funny, post nice stuff and also to bestow regular DOOTS on you, despite all my anonymous DOOT DOOTs, we've spoken off of anon, several times. Do you have ANY idea who I might be yet?

*crying in despair*


none of my mutuals could be so cruel, could they?? WHO ARE YOU?

adamninhell asked:

hey cutie! i'm ida/19/well i love supernatural aaand adam is still in hell.../finland/single/tv-shows, music, singing/because i can see you also love supernatural ;)/i had my first day at work today/what is the best thing about romania?

Omg first day at work!!! Hope everything went okay? Also idk i always see you on my dash & you are super cool & i kinda feel like we are mutuals? we never talked tho right? 

The best thing about romania… okay. it’s definitely either dracula or sebastian stan. love them both. can’t really decide here lol

Put the answers to these questions in my ask

This is my birthday (aka almost 3000 follower) giveaway!

First Prize: A mug of your choice from my designs
Second Prize: A poster of your choice and a sticker
Third Prize: A surprise custom graphic


1. Must be a follower.
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How I’ve been doing now...

Well some of you have asked me how I’ve been now and well…I’ve been doing great and much better then before. I’m feeling much more confident in my appearance, my personality, my everything to be honest. 

I’m able to feel this way because of all the support you wonderful and beautiful people have been giving me. I know I’ve said this alot, but I really do mean it. Without all of you supporting me and being so positive and kind, I don’t think I would have been able to post anymore selfies up, be myself, share my blog, share who I am, or even answer (or try too lol) all the messages I’ve been getting. 

So from the very, very, very bottom of my heart..I want to say; Thank you and I love you all so much for being so supportive. Even if you end up unfollowing me later down the line, I will always be thankful to each and everyone one of you for what you’ve done for me.

To be honest I think you all saved me from my low self-esteem and depression. I honestly cannot, express my thank to all of you enough.