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Today would have been Vincent Price’s 104 birthday. Of his many films my favorite is “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”. A great performance made all the more difficult because it’s all in voice overs - he never actual speaks without use of a microphone.

Hey, I’m Stephanie! I’m 19 and from the US!

I tend to trip more often with my words than with my feet but here we go! 

I really love photography, as it’s something that allows me to create something without being wrong. I’m really goofy and it shows in the all the photos taken of me - it’s rare that there’s a photo of me without making some ugly or funny face ! 

I hardly watch TV, but when I do it’s usually Bob’s Burgers (this show is incredibly stupid but I love it) or Boy Meets World. One of my favorite films is the Breakfast Club and my favorite series of all time is Harry Potter, hands down. 

I’m music obsessed and listen to everything from 50s doo wop to hardcore rock to sweet electro tunes. If possible, I’d love to exchange CDs because I’m always eager to see what people are listening to.

And I’m a huge food enthusiast and probably could make a career from eating because I just love eating. I travel as much as I can, and love being outdoors. You can probably tell I love too many things for my own good!

But all in all, I’m really looking for anyone for a penpal, but I guess someone near my age so we’d have more to talk about! I want to know your hopes, fears, dreams, sadness, happiness, what you ate for breakfast, I don’t care ! Snail mail or e-mail is fine with me! 

Feel free to contact me on my Tumblr!

Hope to hear from some of you soon! :)


One of my favorite films from Gobelins about anxiety. 


This is one of my favorite films, I can’t believe there’s a full version on youtube + it’s subbed. Enjoy!


43 seconds of pure gold 

Vehicles as physical terrain and a chase in three dimensions

Much has been made of the brilliance of director George Miller’s decision to create such a high-concept action film, but the mechanics of how he’s done that are even more breathtaking than the fact he dared to do it at all. Miller has taken the physical tropes of action films and re-imagined each one of them.

Instead of being a linear trajectory, the standard high-speed chase becomes a complete cat-and-mouse at one point, when the pursuer abruptly becomes the pursued. Instead of having a single threat from overhead in the form of an aircraft, Miller engineers a jawdropping sequence involving tall, swaying rigs on moving cars to create the harrowing, chaotic effect of innumerable villains dropping out of the sky. The chase ultimately extends off the ground and becomes the equivalent of the kind of three-dimensional battle you’d expect from Star Wars.

And instead of a standard “fight-on-top-of-a-train” scene, Miller deconstructs and uses every part of a moving semi, while the camera moves in, around, and under high-speed vehicles with a fluidity that makes the cars themselves feel as though they’ve become a physical landscape.

Who killed the world?

Like the original Mad Max trilogy, Miller’s dystopia is drenched in political commentary, but while the film’s feminism has recently taken center stage, its environmentalism is far more strident—not in the least because its message of a world ruined by hopeless dependence on oil comes just days after the U.S.authorized the beginning of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a hotly debated issue that’s been the center of four decades of controversy. “Do not grow addicted to water,” Immortan Joe tells his parched people, “lest you start to resent its absence.” Nothing will grow in once-lush spaces in the Wasteland because Immortan Joe has pumped the water away from its sources and poisoned the soil through fracking. Fury Road is so overtly moralistic on the subject of conservation that the urgency of the chase eventually seeps into a kind of metaphor for climate change, in which humanity is racing barely ahead of its own environmental destruction. 

But even more memorable is this scene:


Tumblr I want to quote all of my Mad Max review at you. It’s so important. Please everyone go see it, go send the message to Hollywood that we can have strong, solid action tropes as well as complex female characters with so, so much agency over the plot and themselves, and that these things can exist together to make stories that much stronger.