I had these pictures taken at a local highschool’s amphitheater, and the graduating class had spraypainted “Class of 2015″ at the base of the staircase where I was posing. It wasn’t until after I got home and started looking through the photos that I realized how magnificently this phrase was framed in the viewfinder. 

Dave Strider: Ass.

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DAVE: are you sure man
DAVE: thats the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks
DAVE: was it you or me or maybe a ghoooost???

casual outtake shots from the cmv i filmed with pearlgirl710 at katsucon this year! our photographer was a pro at dodging the camera to get pictures of us during and in between takes, and they came out really well. i was so pleased to debut my remade god tier dave cosplay at this convention; it’s leagues above the original, and it’s awesome to see such noticeable improvement. keep an eye out for that cmv!

Dave Strider || Photographer


Pardon my messy room and camera shake as I dump these finished photos of Sapphire here! I’ve been working on this straight through since yesterday and LEMME TELL YA IT WAS A CHORE.

I need to get gloves and style the wig (and obviously put on the makeup), but other than that it’s all coming together. Tomorrow I finish up Ruby’s shorts and wig for pitchimperator, then we’re ready to go to Matsuri next weekend!