I got to wear my Rhyme costume while in Japan! The game, The World Ends With You, takes place in Shibuya and features many real locations. We found several of them and took photos at a few:

  • Scramble and 109 (104 in the game)
  • Moyai statue
  • Hachiko statue
  • Tower Records (Towa in the game)

Many thanks to my husband for being my photographer for the day ;) More photos and costume details are on this page of my cosplay blog!


My little walk-on in the costume contest at RICC! I didn’t participate in the contest itself, but it was cool that the judges seem impressed when I came up. I didn’t realise they were pointing until I saw the video, hee.

Many thanks to Nerd Caliber for the video and their coverage of the con! 

Edit: Added gifs from a second video! (Source: [x])

And if anyone has photos of me as Loki, I would love to see them! My Facebook page is Silhouette Costuming and Cosplay. :) 


Well shit   yea it was fucking 8 am so i froze my ass off. thanks anon

I nominate my parents arseniksofficial and shikarius. have fun getting wet.

(not full cosplay sorry i didnt want to destroy my entire costume)

it’s blurry too but im not redoing it~if you click the image it comes up in better quality yo~