I have the best boyfriend in the world.

He was about to leave when he noticed I was shivering. I told him I would walk him to his car, but when we got outside I was shaking. So he wrapped me in his arms and walked me back inside. He made me sit on the couch and then he cuddled me for a minute so he could “transfer his heat to me.” Then he grabbed a blanket and wrapped me up in it. I told him he didn’t have too and he said “Well I love you, and I am doing something that someone would do if they loved someone else.” And I just told him it was weird cause he’d never really done anything like that for me before (he didn’t use to be the best boyfriend, but he realized that and he’s changing I to a perfect gentlemen.) he told me “I’m treating you like a princess Emma, because to me you are one. I love you more than anything in the world, and I’m actually really worried about you being this cold.” Then I told him I was feeling a little better and I could rewalk him to his car, which he refused cause he didn’t want me to get cold again. He made me promise to just sit on the couch until I was warm again then go to bed and get some rest (since I’ve worked 3 nights straight and have another 3 to work in a row, I haven’t been getting much sleep). I promised I would, then he kissed me and told me he would text me when he got home. And before I knew it he was gone. But I mean that is true love right there, and I am so happy to have him in my life. I honestly feel like he’s my soulmate.

date a boy who’s smart. date a boy who likes science. date a boy who rambles a lot. date a boy who has great hair.  date a boy who chews a little too loud. date a boy who’s a taurus. date a boy who got himself trapped in a parallel desert dimension and doesnt call as much as he should. date carlos the scie-….wait no. dont date him dONT DATE HIM THATS MY BOYFRIEND YOU GET AWAY FROM HIM