my WIP


Works in Progress from tonight’s livestream:

- Maglor after discarding the silmaril

- Doriath guard/scout

I probably won’t be online for a while since I’m moving tomorrow and the internet will take time to get in the new house. But hopefully that’s not the case! T3T


An assortment of WIP shots for my Hiro Hamada cosplay :D

The first picture is a wig test ((I own like no makeup at all and lost my one pencil eyeliner so I can’t do a makeup test yet. LOLOLOL)), then shirt/jacket test, and the other two are the shoes that I just finished lacing abut fifteen minutes ago. xD

All I need to do is paint the shoes a little and add the symbols onto them thennnnn put the robot transfer onto my shirt. And buy gummy bears and poptarts but that’s another adventure.

I’ll be cosplaying him to SacAnime on and off throughout the con weekend with my closest friends as the rest of the Big Hero 6 cast. I’m so excited!!

HyenaHijinks/Humphrey as Tadashi —- Yuuidflourite/Blair as Baymax —-Eunakii/Tasha as Aunt Cass —- Queen-Feather/Izzy as Fred —-Punkett13/Alexis as Honey Lemon —- Julia as Gogo~ :D


"Happy" last day of Mikototsu week(s)!!!

Because I can’t finish it on time here’s a little sneak peak at the Illustration I  planned for Day one of Mikototsu week(s). I hope I can finish this piece of crap soon OvO

Also: The next wallpaper is coming along but since I am not certifiable I decided it would be a great idea to draw the Homura bar  right before finals ha ha. Please save me