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All these posts today about boys being sexually harassed and molested by girls promote me to talk with my daughter about these issues, again. She’s headed into middle school soon. We have been talking about body boundaries and basic health education since she was seven. She kind of rolled her eyes at first because we HAVE talked about how to treat men before. But she answered my questions very seriously. How to respect him. How to make sure he’s actually consenting to her behavior. What is never ok. What to do if she sees someone being harassed or hurt. When I asked if she’d ever let someone treat her little brother that way, she got ANGRY at the thought. I reminded her that all boys are someone’s brother, son, friend. Reminded her to always remember what it feels like to imagine something happening to her brother, and to never hurt someone else’s little boy. I feel much better about sending her into middle school. Plus, she’s got a few years of serious martial arts training she’s continuing with AND she plays football. I don’t think many girls will fuck with her when she gets in their way of hurting a boy. I can’t change the world, but I want boys to know that SOME parents are trying to raise our daughters to be decent human beings!

Crises can be a habit.

Sometimes other people aren’t worth your words. Talking is good for a lot but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that all talking has consequences, and it’s better to consider those consequences before opening your mouth.

On the other hand, I get the feeling I’ve been letting the consequences stop me from saying important things, a bit too often. I haven’t struck the necessary balance. And I can feel the consequences of that, too.

No action in life is exactly right. And although I say that with authority, you’ve got to realise that I’m completely lost on this point. Not that I don’t believe I’ll get there–I work hard and Yin Yang exists everywhere–but for the moment all I know is that as much as I still talk too much, I also stay silent too much. Plus I delete like 70% of my original posts which is just another indicator but not a very important one.

Hi. I need to start learning to accept that there will always be some people who disbelieve me to my detriment, or who think I’m stupid, and that I can never be universally understood. Experience will always shape the understanding of words, and I’m just one person, so I’ll never appeal to everyone. Still. For tonight, I’m going to chill the heck out, watch anime, and try to forget the people who might not think the best of me.

I am still a good person. My needs still matter. My limits do not needs to be compared to a world record in order to be valid. I am still a good person and I try so hard to be better. I’m going to let everything go, for the night at least.

It’s the night before my weight loss surgery. My (almost) boyfriend is here from 300 miles away to support me. He’ll be leaving to go home tomorrow at the same time I’m going to the hospital. It means the world to me that he took the weekend off to come see me.
We’re out to dinner right now (I had broth).
Other than that, I’m going to take an Ativan when I get home to calm me down.
I have very little energy from having only clear liquids all weekend.

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is one piece worth reading all 700+ chapters?

[high-pitched voice] One Piece???? Nah, it’s nothing worth mentio – [trips] [hundreds of photos and doodles fall out of folder] I-it’s such a kid’s series and – [kneels on the ground and starts gathering spilled papers] [laptop is revealed to be on Photoshop with numerous OP panels ready for editing] the characters are such jokes [earphones get unplugged from laptop and OP opening songs start playing] listen I just listen fr i ck – [countless capsules of gashapons come pouring out of jacket] fri c k in g I’m only holding these for a friend okay listen just li s te n