Baekhyun - 150602 Instagram account update: “조금만 있으면 ’ Love Me Right ’ 이 공개됩니다!! #치킨먹으면서봐야지😳 #6월3일공개 #지금시간6시30분 #우연처럼보이기😏”

Translation: “In a little while, ‘Love Me Right’ will be released!! #I should watch it while eating chicken😳#Released June 3rd #Right now it’s 6:30 #Looks like fate😏”

Credit: baekhyunee_exo.

Rainbow Putty Balls

Your old childhood putty toy is back and better than ever. Upon cracking open the rainbow putty balls you’ll unleash a gooey, sticky, bouncy, and multicolored blob capable of providing hours of entertainment that your own kids will brush off while playing on their iPad.


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150531 Wolf Chanyeol focus @ TEL in Shanghai