hookedonwetcolin said:

i'm pretty sure i'mma cry when i read it but... CS + "Don’t trust me."

"You need to stay away, Killian." Both her hands are raised and she’s walking backwards, trying to put as much space between them as she can. But he’s as stubborn as ever, moving closer to her despite her protests.

"Emma, love, please. You won’t hurt me. I trust you.”

The sincerity in his voice, the way he doesn’t stop walking even though there are sparks flitting between her fingertips and leaves swirling about her, brings a lump to her throat and tears blur her vision. 

Her magic had been getting wilder over the last couple of days, the strain of their brand new crisis getting to her. Elsa’s story had hit far too close to home and her childhood fears, long since buried had resurfaced. That she was dangerous, that she broke everything she touched, that she didn’t deserve to be loved.

"Don’t! You shouldn’t trust me. don’t trust me.”

She’d blown up a street lamp that morning. On her way to school with Henry, she’d stopped to speak to Mary Margaret. Henry had spotted some friends across the street and had run to meet them. A car had been hurtling towards him. It was far enough away that it couldn’t hurt him but that hadn’t stopped her mind from conjuring images of an injured and bloody Henry, spreadeagled on the road and that had been enough to set her magic loose. Shards of glass had sprayed all over them. She’d cut her cheek and Mary Margaret had sliced her arm.

Seeing the blood on her mother’s arm had made the embers of panic in her gut flare into a tall flame and she had run. 

She had run until her every breath felt like knives and her legs burned from the effort. She found a tree, curled herself into a ball and finally allowed herself to cry.

Killian had come after her—of course he had—and here they were. She knew she was hurting him when she yelled at him to leave, when she told him that she didn’t want him anywhere near her. But he had stayed. Despite it all he had stayed.

"Emma please, let me help you."

She shakes her head and takes a few more steps backward, ready to run again, but her back hits a tree and he takes his chance. Before she can turn around, he takes three large steps forward and suddenly, she is in his arms. 

She grabs his lapels, ready to push him away but he only pulls her closer and buries his face in her hair. He mumbles words into her skin in between kisses, words like love and trust and I will never leave you. 

The fight goes out of her and she lets herself fall into him. 

She lets herself be loved.