• Amber: I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry that I put you through that and I love you and I promise I’ll be safe and smart, I promise.
  • Sarah: That’s all I was worried about. That’s all I was worried about.
  • Amber: I’m sorry, I’m so scared just looking at everybody here thinking that I couldn’t see them again and couldn’t be here and see your play. Look what you did, there’s people and they love it and I’m so proud of you. You say you don’t want me to be like you but I…I want to be like this. This is amazing what you’ve done.
  • Sarah: Oh hunny, thank you for telling me that.

goalielack asked:

“You are adorable.”

“Oh please. I’m not the adorable one here. I loved you in Parenthood. Should I wait till we’re better friends or can I just deem you my eternal #womancrushwednesday right now?”