Aaah, Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!  Business owners who earn enough money doing what they love, have great life/work balance, and take regular mini-vacations by themselves or with family/friends and don’t ever need to look forward to vacations.

Many people don’ t believe this type of lifestyle is realistic. Why??

Answer:  Because they do not have a clear vision of how they want their lifestyle to look like (this includes how many hours they want to work on their business, what days they want to work, the type of customers/clients they want to work with, how often do they want to spend time with family/friends, how often they exercise, how often they eat certain foods and what type of foods to eat, where they want to live, places they want to visit and when they want to visit them, what type(s) of car to drive, how often they want to sleep, etc).
Most people’s vision of an ideal lifestyle is based on someone else’s view about what the ideal life looks like.  Big Mistake!

Recently, someone said “ You can accept what they give you or you can take what’s yours!”

Those are true words spoken.

While on vacation this summer, look at your current lifestyle. If your happy about it, continue to do what you’re doing. However, if you’re NOT happy about it, TODAY please take ONE hour to be alone to ponder about and write down all the things you would like to do and acquire in your lifetime, include when you want to do and acquire them, as well has how would you like to live your life everyday (forget how old you are or how much it will cost).  Then create and implement a plan that will you to have both the time and money to do everything .  The second part is much easier than you would ever imagine once you’re clear about the answer to the first part.

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The benefits of working out:

1) More Energy

2) Sharper Mind and more Creative Thinking

3) Improved Physical Appearance

4) Relaxing Mindset

5) Inspired to Execute Ideas

6) Improved Health

7) More Confidence

Make exercise a daily habit.

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NOTE: This video contains words that may be offensive to others.

If you’re gonna be a player in business, be the right PLAYER. 

Business owners who want their businesses to remain successful for more than 10 years should never be price players; they should be Value players. Here’s why:

Price Players are focused on offering the lowest price within their industry in order to entice customers to buy from them.  This is a failing path in the long-run because they’ll be constantly cutting prices to remain competitive; eventually, they’ll reach a point where their prices are lower than the cost of keeping the Business operation open.

Value Players are always focused on increasing the value to their products /services via adding new features and technology to them to create an improved  customer experience. The better they make the customer experience that distinguishes their business from the competition, the more customers they will gain regardless of the price they charge.

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Wasted (remix) by Famoso and Pr Dean (@MW4Ever)
  • Wasted (remix) by Famoso and Pr Dean (@MW4Ever)

This Nice Song by Famoso is exactly what you don’t want to do with your time if you’re trying to launch and sustain a business. Wasting time by NOT doing what needs to be done  or by doing NON-Productive activities that won’t lead to you intended goal  is  …(you fill in the blank). 

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How bad do you want to be GREAT! Arnold’s words..

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Keys to effective networking

- establish a clear goal of where you want to be and when do you want to be there.

-make a list of people with ultimate decision making power who can help you to reach where you want to go.

- have a clear reason of why you want to reach each person on your list and how are you able to help them and how they can help you.

- research various ways to contact each person on your list.

- attempt to contact each person on your list via phone, email, or via attending events he/she would go to.

- when you meet a contact for the first time,be confident and build a repport with him/her by discussing a topic that you know would interest him/her but DO Not ask for a favor or for help during this first encounter; after building repport, exchange contact info and say you’ll be in touch.

- a couple of days to a week later follow up via a short phone call or email thanking him/her for the conversation and stating you would like to meet with him/her again in the future to discuss whatever topic or industry that would interest them.

- schedule a meeting with the contact.

-when you have the scheduled meeting with the contact, be on time, re-state purpose of meeting and get to the point of how you can help the contact and how he/she can help you.  NOTE: This step will be easy, if you do all the other previous steps correctly

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Ideas mean nothing without execution. Many people (including aspiring business owners) will pass judgement on their ideas without any sort of legitimate proof or advice. This is the primary reason why many of them are NOT attempted. Big Mistake!

Never judge if your idea is good or bad without doing at least 1 of the following:

1) Research whether it has been done before and if so, what was the outcome. If it hasn’t been attempted, that doesn’t mean the idea bad or good. It means NOW is the perfected opportunity for you to attempt to do it.  Only the results of your attempt(s) to execute your idea will say if it is good or bad idea. Many times when you try to execute an idea that doesn’t work you end up finding new ideas or new ways to do something that will lead to success- Some of the best moves done by successful business owners resulted from mistakes made during their attempts to do something else.  This is an subtle but huge benefit of executing an idea even if it sound ridiculous!

2) (After doing the research) If your idea has been attempted before by someone else, get the opinions of at least FIVE people who gave 100% effort doing that idea you’re pondering  doing.   Find out from each of them the causes of their successes or failures while attempting do execute the idea. After knowing their experiences and results, you may pass judgement about if your idea is good or not.

Note: If you find that LESS THAN FIVE people have ever attempted to do your idea, this should give 100% confidence to go do it without hesitation!

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Your Brand or Business should be treated like your significant other- Cherish it. Give it the quality time it needs. Always remember that it represents you and you represent it; therefore, never do anything that can harm it or damage its reputation. As you grow and evolve it will do the same; however, its core values (principals) should remain the same because yours aren’t going to change. Now go Blow IT UP!  If you need help building your brand (or business) ; contact us: @mw4ever + @mwlives = MW


Since it’s 420 weekend, this song “Blowed Away” is appropriate. Many pot heads will use the 420 celebration/rally as a way to validate their want to get high off of smoking weed.  Savvy and successful people who earn money from creating a business that coincides with their passion, receive a euphoric HIGH on a daily basis (without the need of a drug). However, having passion is not enough to be successful. That passion must be associated with a product/service that fulfills a need/want of consumers.

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Daymond John talks about the fundamentals of being a successful marketer and business man. Enormous lessons are taught right here.

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John Legend and Andre 3000’s Green Light is about a man requesting that a lady give him permission to have a sexual episode. However, in business an entrepreneur never needs permission to make money.  All he or she needs is a product/service that has value (meaning it has a demand from a willing and able buyer).  It’s that simple. Therefore, aspiring business owners you don’t need to wait to make $. You can be a be a business owner RIGHT NOW once you turn that idea into a valuable commodity.  Value is your Green Light. Execute!

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Many Business owners earn a great living financially but can’t fully enjoy their success due to self-inflicted health issues. You are  how you feel. You can always get more money; but you only get one body. Treating your body like a treasure via eating healthy and exercising daily helps you to earn more cash and enjoy living more ‘cause you have more energy to get SH!^ done and feel mentality and physically NICE!

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If your business feels like its just rolling along at the same pace for more than 6 months, its time for you as the BOSS to create a “Gust of Wind”.  Never stop accelerating forward! MW = @mw4ever + @mwlives +


“Don’t go looking for Atmosphere, you must take it with you” - Geoffrey Holder’s Dad.

This quote applies to every business that wants to become or remain profitable.  The vibe/energy you bring to the work place and to your customers represents your (your business’) brand. It goes without saying that it should always be positive and upbeat even when you’re in a bad mood.

If your having problems with keeping employees, low employee moral, or gaining more customers, take an honest look at how people respond to your energy when you meet them for the first time and when meeting with them on a regular basis. Also, look at how people respond to your employees because everyone of them (employees) represents your/your business brand.

Consistently saying “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening"  with confidence along a smile and firm handshake is underrated. This is even MORE important for business owners who sell or want to see products/services at premium/upscale rates.

People never want to associate with from someone who has low morale and most likely will NOT buy anything from them. Therefore, any and all negative employees (regardless of title) should immediately be removed from any business that wants to be successful because their attitude is like a cancer that can spread rapidly throughout a workplace (this can kill any business-even one’s with great products and services).

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Does your perception of your business match that of your customers’??

Today, we spoke to a friend who said her business sales have remain at the same level as last year even though she believes it offers the best products and customer service in her opinion. We asked her “when was the last time you asked the opinions of your current customers about the products and customer service your business offer? Her Response:

"We surveyed our customers about 10 months ago?”


Successful business owners keep a current gauge of their customer opinions of how their business is doing on a regular basis. Your perception of how your business is doing should always be based on customers’ opinions and buying behaviors (NOT yours)- Period! This is because customers opinions can change in a heartbeat as the marketplace changes. Keeping an updated gauge about their opinions, needs, and behavior will help you to better identify areas where your business can improve.

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