Most business owners claim to leaders; but ask many of them “What innovations they’ve made or are attempting make that revolutionizes their industry while improving our society?” and you’ll receive a blank look or stare.

Leaders take risks, listen, persevere, create, innovate, communicate well, learn from setbacks/failures, experience setbacks/failures often, help others achieve their dreams, work smart and hard, understand the value in presentation, always crave knowledge, ask for help, and solve problems.

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Obviously Michael Jackson taught those who were lucky enough to see him perform a lot about presentation.

In terms of business and marketing, does your presentation:

1) Excite your intended audience?

2) Get to the point?

3) Get to the point before your intended audience begins to get bored?

Everything about your business should say “YES” to these questions!

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Your Brand or Business should be treated like your significant other- Cherish it. Give it the quality time it needs. Always remember that it represents you and you represent it; therefore, never do anything that can harm it or damage its reputation. As you grow and evolve it will do the same; however, its core values (principals) should remain the same because yours aren’t going to change. Now go Blow IT UP!  If you need help building your brand (or business) ; contact us: @mw4ever + @mwlives = MW

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Daymond John talks about the fundamentals of being a successful marketer and business man. Enormous lessons are taught right here.

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John Legend and Andre 3000’s Green Light is about a man requesting that a lady give him permission to have a sexual episode. However, in business an entrepreneur never needs permission to make money.  All he or she needs is a product/service that has value (meaning it has a demand from a willing and able buyer).  It’s that simple. Therefore, aspiring business owners you don’t need to wait to make $. You can be a be a business owner RIGHT NOW once you turn that idea into a valuable commodity.  Value is your Green Light. Execute!

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Components of Success:

1) Philosophy- How you think.

2) Attitude- How you feel.

3) Action- What you do.

4) Results- Measure often to see if you’re making progress.

5) Lifestyle- The kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces.

- Jim Rohn

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This short video featuring Christie Hefner said SO MUCH important information about building and maintaining brand equity. If what she said seems like common sense, then why do so many Business Owners and Marketers get it wrong??

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We recently spoke to a young lady who owns her own business that makes enough money that allows her to live comfortably. However, she’s unhappy because what her business does is NOT her passion and the amount of hours she commits to the business doesn’t allow her enough time to pursue her passion. Therefore she’s unhappy.

Here’s what we said to her:  # If you’re rich and unhappy you’re still broke. In addition, if you lack a clear vision of how you want your life to be or don’t spend enough time doing things that bring you joy, you’ll end up where you don’t want to be.”

 Successful people have life balance. They excel at time management, understand what makes them happy and know how want their life to be. Which means they do whatever is necessary to reach their goals while allowing enough time to spend
 doing what makes them happy.

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Many believe Vince Carter was the “Greatest” dunker of all-time. We are one of those believers. Since the term “great” loves to be thrown around so frequently, it always good to remind ourselves what greatness is to be sure that we’re on that path to achieving it.

The term “GREAT” includes all of these things:

a}To go above and beyond what is/was expected or anticipated (or doing something unprecedented};

b} It stands out and commands attention;

c} If feels risky or uncomfortable;

d) taking the lead in achieving something.

e} embracing change;

f} there is no one blueprint formula to achieve it so one has to create a new path:

G} it’s never forgotten.

If you apply these attributes to your business or whatever your trying to accomplish, the results will be historic.

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This is the song that was playing in our ears on the way to the office today (Friday) at 7:30am. On our way, we went to a convenience food store to buy orange juice and water and it was closed; then proceeded into the nearby 7-11 and (of course) it was open. We spent more for the same thing we were intending to buy at the convenience store.

Why would a convenience store NOT be open at a time when millions of people go to work?

Whatever the answer or excuse is, it includes NOT take advantage of a prime revenue opportunity.

Business Lesson (Reminder):  A BIG reason many businesses fail is that their products/services are not available when CONSUMERS need/want/ them. Business VALUE is not only about having a needed, in-demand product/service; it’s also includes offering the product based on the timing of that consumer demand.

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"I Do" means I take action. In this video, it’s about marriage. Of course, in business it’s about doing actions that lead to results.

An idea is never perfect unless the execution and outcome of it is exactly how originally planned; this rarely occurs.

Most successful business ideas were/are modified a few (if not many times) during their implementation until the desired results were/are reached.

This is the reason one should never wait until an idea is perfect before attempting to take action to see if it will work.

The success or failure of that idea is based on the “doing” rather than only the “thinking”.

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2014 is the year that you will see, hear, and feel your success regardless of what your goal is. However, that success will NOT happen if you’re only willing to do things you like to do or things that make you comfortable.

Successful people do what NEEDS to be done to make it happen, even if some of those needs require actions that they hate to do.

To achieve your wants, you must fulfill all the needs.

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Follow these words and you’ll have a great life until "The End"

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