Sunflower Trail Marathon - Recap

Sunflower Trail Marathon – Recap

05/10/2014 – Sunflower Trail Marathon - Mazama, Washington
If you like fields full of sunflowers, blue skies, sun, and miles of trails, then you won’t like the Sunflower Trail Marathon in the Methow Valley of Washington State. Nope – you will LOVE it. With 2400 feet of easyvertical gain this typical Methow Valley race, much like others in the area, is slightly longer than posted. Bounding from the…

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Sun Mountain 25k - Preview

Sun Mountain 25k – Preview

The Sun Mountain 25k is my fourth event of the year and takes place this coming Saturday (05/17/2014) on Sun Mountain in the Methow Valley. With wildflowers in peak bloom and the trail winding through snake, bear, and cow country, your focus on sweeping the trail will be checked by the vertical elevation. At 1900 feet of vertical gain and most of it coming in the front half in one fell swoop, the…

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Sunflower Trail Marathon - Preview

Sunflower Trail Marathon – Preview

The Sunflower Trail Marathon takes place this coming Saturday (05/10/2014) in the Methow Valley in Washington State. Although the course has a net elevation loss of -475 feet, there’s still 1750 feet uphill, it iss entirely on trails and it is technically up in the mountains, so it’s just like walk in the park – if you’re park looked like this.


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