{INFO} 150305 EXO shot their new MV with a Lamborghini, Audi r8, Porsche Boxster & Ferrari F430 Spider

It’s so totally going to be called Call me Daddy. They’ll sit in their daddy cars while throwing money out of the window and having bitches on the backseats


* Eunhae performed The Beat Goes On, Sweater & Jeans, Breaking Up, Mother, 1+1=LOVE, and GROWING PAINS
* Eunhae both squatted down to tie shoelaces facing each other. When hyukjae talked donghae patted his head.
* Hae said that he is E and Hyuk is D. Teuk said he’s N. When hyukjae wiped his sweat Donghae gave him a whole bunch of tissues
* If D&E gets top 10, hyukjae promises to watch a movie with fans and donghae promises to sing after the movie.
* Teuk said that he almost cried while watching the mv. Hyuk asked if it was bc of him and teuk said no it’s bc of donghae.
Hae: It’s so awkward to speak alone. 
 Teuk: In comparison to me and Hyuk, you spoke the least. Speak more.
Hae:Hyuk ah, thou you are not as good looking as me. 
 Hyuk: What’s wrong with my looks. My mum is here. 
Hae: I hope you can love your mum more
* Teuk asked eunhae to tell each other something using the sentence “as much as me” (korean title of Growing Pains means You as much as me) Hyuk to hae : “Donghae, you cant talk as well as me, you are not as funny as me but i think your face is a bit handsome like mine” and then hae wanted to say something to hyuk about his face too but hyuk stopped him and said “my mom is here watching you!!” hahaha so hae to hyuk : “i think you.. you should love your mother..” lol xD
* Hyuk: Hae, thou u can’t be like me who can speak well and with sense but your face no bad, voice good & compose also good.
*  Hyuk: there’s a movie I’ve always wanted to watch with donghae but he’s always too busy for me.
* The spotlight was only shone one donghae, and hyukjae was in the dark. So donghae pulled hyukjae beside him
* When hyukjae was talking, donghae was helping hyukjae wipe his sweat on his forehead. Then donghae started poking hyukjae’s head
* Eunhae did korean style of salute while singing 1+1=love,folded their arms,kept their shoulders up,stood in the middle of the stage and bowed when facing their moms.
Donghae:my height and hyuk’s height is similar.when we were young ,during super show 1,we performed together for our solos.because i felt that it was very lonely , i begged to be with eunhyuk,and i told him:”if you’re beside me,it will be better”
* Leeteuk:Earlier on when i was brushing my teeth with donghae,i told him that his condition didn’t seem too good today.Then donghae said that his feeling today are as if he’s debuting again
* EH: Thank you for coming to see us. This is our first korean album, we put a lots of effort in it would be amazing if you all like it


   ”Eunhyuk Twitter and Instagram Updates | 150305”

AllRiseSilver : huh?? Wait, what time is it now?

AllRiseSilver : so what time did they say that they will release the MV and the song??

AllRiseSilver : Thank you once afain to our fans and reporters who came today’s D&E showcase and wrote lots of good reports ㅜ I hope that the activities this time would become a good present for everyone. I hope that this becomes a valuable experience for us too!!! We’ve prepare this for a long time so please give us lots of support and listen to the song a lot too 💙 #howmuchtimelefttilltwelve

AllRiseSilver : heol 40 minutes left🙊

AllRiseSilver : heol!!!!!!!!!!! 30 minutes left!!!!!!!! #growingpains

AllRiseSilver :  what is everyone doing? Just wait for 20 minutes everyone😛

AllRiseSilver : 10 minutes!!!!!!!!Mom!!!!!10 minutes 10 minutes!!! Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 minutes!!!!!! #growingpains

AllRiseSilver : 9 minutes…..

AllRiseSilver : 8 minutes its almost here everyone

AllRiseSilver : 7 minutes!!!!!! Lucky7!!!!!!!!!!!!!😝

AllRiseSilver : its 6 minutes, i said 6 minutes. 6 minutes!!!!!!!!!!👍✋

AllRiseSilver : that last 5 minutes OMG……🙏

AllRiseSilver : 4 minutes!!!!!!!!four four four four four minutes crazy!!!!! Im listening to ‘crazy’ right now im really crazy…🙀

AllRiseSilver : is it real that theres only 3 minutes left????💅

AllRiseSilver : 2 minutes #growingpains

AllRiseSilver : 1……cixixgigxifaeuaeuzohcohwvoywfycaigcoa

AllRiseSilver : please listen to super junior D&E’s growing pains a lot. I love you everyone👋


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San E - South Korea
Strike The Head - Italy
Frenkie - Bosnia
Pendekar - Singapore
Adx - India
Valete- Portugal
Mr Phormula - Wales
Yacko - Indonesia
SadmAnn - Bangladesh
Julian Nagano - Japan
Deeb - Egypt
Mr. Skin - Taiwan
Redrama - Finland
KRS-One - United States