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*NOTE: This is a response to the announcement of Tablo’s participation in Sunggyu (Infinite)’s upcoming album. For those who do not know Infinite is under Woolim Ent. Woolim used to manage Epik High and there was some ‘bad blood’ between the company & the group especially at the height of Tablo ’s Tajinyo Controversy. The company basically abandoned Tablo. This is the first time Tablo is working with anyone from Infinite since he left Woolim.


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  • Sungjong cried beautiful tears today! It was even more beautiful when Myungsoo backhugged him!
  • Today, Sungjong cried. Myungsoo was beside him and was staring at him at first. Then when Sungjong turned around, Myungsoo gave him a hug from behind.
  • Sungjong was crying and Myungsoo was at first just standing and staring at him. Then finally he walked over to Sungjong and comforted him with a backhug.

[Article] Tablo and Nell’s Kim Jong Wan to Feature in Sunggyu’s Solo Comeback Album

INFINITE member Sunggyu’s new solo comeback album, “27,” boasts an impressive featuring lineup!

It has been revealed that Epik High’s Tablo and Nell’s Kim Jong Wan took part in collaborating with Sunggyu for his upcoming solo album, about three years following the release of his solo debut album.

On May 6, according to INFINITE’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, Tablo and Kim Jong Wan partnered up under the name ‘Borderline,’ and contributed to the fifth track on “27” titled “Daydream.

”An agency rep explained, “Along with Kim Jong Wan taking charge of producing the entire album, the participation of talented featuring artists have also added to the quality of the album. We hope many people evaluate this album based on the music itself. Everyone will be satisfied by the synergy created by Tablo and Kim Jong Wan’s new start as ‘Borderline.’”

Meanwhile, Sunggyu’s solo album “27” is set for release on May 11.

source: soompi


150505 Dilemma Tour Encore in Tokyo - Just Another Lonely Night (MS focus)
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150505 Dilemma Tour Encore- Sungjong crying TT