The other day some one was asking me why I am confident. I would say it is not so much that I am confident but I have taken the time to get to know myself more an acceptance of me. Now I know that might sound a little bit wooly but really I’ve learn’t and know what my shortcomings are and continue to work on them even if they are a struggle at a time, I celebrate the gifts that I have been blessed with and have learn’t to dance in the rain whilst I design my future and most importantly overcome my insecurities because we are all but imperfect beings. Granted I’ve had many up’s and down’s mark my words but I’ve never let that make me blue because inside of me lives a fire a red fire like a lion roaring to live and to love. Even those moments when I think I can’t do something I persevere and I believe that strength of purpose strength of being I acquired from both my parents including my aunt charlotte whose name I was given. Christ! Life is too short to sit around and be moping its best to grab it with both hands and say I came to disturb. What is there in life but “to see” as in latin. Yes I know I don’t look like a Lotty I guess that’s why the name Mutsa Mutsaa fits. I want to share some words of wisdom to everyone and say live your best life and live the best in you that you can because no one knows what tomorrow holds. Out of the darkness of black believe me more will come that is light and shining bright. Many nights of dreaming or even one can one day prove that dreams do come true so don’t hold back it really is about a lira lora luck and love! What you reap you sow. What you give out you get back and what a wonderful thing it is to love and bee loved! Firth and foremost love you and don’t beat yourself on the head about those crazac moments when lou and behold life throws you lemons jjust remember it is better to have loved and lost rather to have never lost at all. Do what you love and and all will be saved in the nic of time! Have a great day all and remember if you choose it you were born to leader! Bon dia mi amiga! LOTS OF LOVE!

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Hurry up #February8th

After a few days of feeling grumpy and yes I’ll admit a tad moody and sensitive I’m back to the land of the living! Hurrah! Now 2013 can begin. I’m refocused and feeling sharp especially now I’m sure I don’t have cancer. Long story but the genuine panic has now subsided and I have come out of hiding.

I received 3 compliments today which of course always makes a girls day! And one of those was about my hair. Big smiles- I have been intermittently twisting and interlocking my natural hair as I do every few weeks and always great to get a compliment to know my hands work has been worthy. Next up a nail and toe pamper diy, but come 

#February8th there will be a whole team of #Beauty #Skin and #Hair Specialists on hand and ready to advise consult and pamper all the guests at my upcoming #MutsaMutsaaFashion&BeautyCocktailParty more on that later! 

At the moment I’m finding myself encountering some rather strange albeit interesting individuals everywhere I go. Like today in the launderette a lady with a lot of make up on and tights. I don’t know why but she struck me as unusual. Just her manner and the way she was folding her clothes, then a group of young teenagers came in and were swiftly told to use the laundrette up the road. The lady who runs the laundrette in the afternoons came over and said ‘they were in here last week and trying to cheat me off the dryer’s telling me they aren’t working properly”. Strange occurrence but true occurrence.

I do have a thing for people watching and I tend to observe and see most things. The five gypsies who came in to dry one bag of washing and the makeup lady in brown tights who put on more clothes as she left the laundrette than she had on as she came in and it all just struck me, it was odd but in an interesting and I guess characterful way.  Oddities that made my day unique.

Back to business, as my event draws nearer I’m now getting excited. It’s now a month and a day until the BIG DAY! I’m nervous and excited and also looking forward to it. 

I do love putting on the @mutsamutsaa @mutsamutsaaevnt Fashion Events and that’s where I really get that essential real life feedback for all the things I have been working on and I get to engage with other people who love Fashion and they get to touch and feel my designs in the flesh or should I say on the models and soak up all the elements of the event that compliment and are part of my label. 

That one night in the heart of Hackney @EasternCurve Garden deep in the throws of last Summer here in #London under the Gazebo, up the runway and through the garden a tangible chemistry and electric magnetism was visible of the night from start to end. Attendees said “they felt like they were in a different country because of the good vibes: combination of food, drinks and dancing to live music by our two bands playing afro beat, dub, ska and reggae sounds: Kalakuta Band and Righteous Band, beauty and skincare by @Imanmade and of course the highlight of the night fashion courtesy of my label #MutsaMutsaaFashionShow. Feed back was superb with guests saying “wow great to see your full collection.” “Well Done!” “We look forward to seeing more from you and where and when can I buy this item.” 

This made it all worth while all the hard work and sleepless nights preceding the event to ensure all the various elements came together. The most popular items. I guess those that definitely had the wow factor were the Blue Diamond backless jump suit and the midnight magic black satin skirt with a ruffled blue tail.  It’s a genuine pleasure when I conjure up the memories of that summer night and I am certainly looking forward to the next instalment of all things #MutsaMutsaaFashionShow and Party this time in February one week before Valentines day and one week before @LFW. 

This time we will be @doubletree @HotelCourthouse #HiltonCourthouseHotel 19-21 Great Marlborough Street, right opposite Carnaby Street and Liberty’s of London. 2 minutes walk from Oxford Street Tube Station. I look forward to yet another fabulous and fun night of #Fashion, Live Music, Drinks & #Cocktails #Beauty & pampering.


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Alongside new Fashion Designers and Typically superb musical talent join me and the lovely @mutsamutsaa Team and sponsors for an evening of Fashion, Pampering, Music, Cocktails and other lush drinks from 6pm ‘til midnight. I can’t wait to see you there!
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