theolcanadamantiummountainman said:

//Fictional, and pointing out a very real problem. Double standards and hypocrisy. 'Mutie' is racism within the fictional world, and it's filling in likely for the racism blacks have shown towards whites, but feel they can get away with it because they have been persecuted. Fuck double standards, and fuck you if you don't understand something that simple. You and those like you too closed minded and cowardly to understand that. White guilt is bullshit. I have none. Good day.

I’ve got a secret that’s not so secret about your opinion, asshat.

Now, if you’ll just leave the way you came…

Oh wait, I forgot to give you something!

That’s better.

This way you don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Good thing I wasn’t too cowardly and close-minded to remember to give you that present. Have a nice day, you racist piece of shit.