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"--I hate you!"

Send me “I hate you” and I’ll generate a number from 1-20 to see what my muse will say in response. Generated: 3

"Yeah," Teresa responded dully, squeezing her eyes shut. "Yeah, I— I uh, Dios…” Teresa clutched at her stomach, slowly lowering herself down onto the steps. She couldn’t believe what she’d done, and even more than that she couldn’t believe that after everything they’d been through she’d finally and truly managed to push Merlin away.

"Oh, Jesus, Merl— I hate me, too.”

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Send ‘Alohomora’ and I will generate a number 1-13 for a Hogwarts themed starter.

Generated: 11- Our muses are both teachers

"MERLIN!" Teresa burst out as she stormed into the Great Hall, pointing an accusing finger at the man sitting innocently at the other end. "You. Me. Teacher conference! Now!” The witch stalked right back out of the room again, robes swirling behind her as she went. Teresa paced back and forth while she waited and when Merlin arrived she cast a quick privacy spell over both of them.  

"Your student,” she began, old rivalries making her add a mocking hiss to the word, “your Slytherin student decided it was high time to attack one of mine using a potion apparently learned in your class. They threw it all over the poor boy right as he was attempting to produce his Patronus! Watch him never be able to cast that spell again,” the brunette muttered, shaking her head. “You ought to be teaching them ethics along with whatever it is you do in that damned dungeon.”

[[I generated a second one because we already had an adult Hogwarts thread- feel free to respond to whatever!]]

Generated: 4- Your muse has just woken up in the hospital wing

"Gah!" Teresa bolted upright, dizziness clouding her vision for a moment and making her squeeze her eyes shut. "Fuck, mierda, carajo! Joder. Oww…” A sharp pain lanced through her side and the witch slowly lowered herself back down to the bed, a heavy sigh leaving her lips as her memories came back to her. Teresa cracked her eyes open just enough to watch her fingers wiggle before closing them again. 

"Ay. Guess that goo spell’s over, huh?" 

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“You are better than you think you are. You're just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself.”

"Merlin, no.

"I can’t— y’know what I’m designed for, y’seen it with your own two eyes. I’m fuckin’ Goo Girl, compadre, I wasn’t ‘designed’ for anything else. You’re new t’this whole self-loathing thing so I’ll give you this one for free: however much I hate myself, there’s a million fuckin’ humans out there who hate me more.”

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In a universe where everyone is born with numbers on their wrists counting down to when they’ll meet their soulmate, send me 00:00:00 for my muses reaction to their numbers hitting zero when they meet yours.

When the last minute began ticking down on her wrist, Teresa glanced up, eyes darting back and forth frantically. She hadn’t known where to go, where she wanted her big soulmate meeting to be, so she’d just ended up in Central Station staring at the trains and wondering which one would lead her to the most romantic place, where the perfect, ideal, beautiful matchmaking would occur. But she hadn’t been able to decide in time and now here she was, fidgeting and looking lost in th center of the platform. Her curls were gelled into neat ringlets she couldn’t stop tugging at, her palms greasy with a mixture of mousse and sweat. She felt a flush rise up all the way to the tips of her ears, and she resisted the urge to bury her face in her sticky hands, keeping her gaze wide and searching.

13… 12…—

Someone bumped into her hard from behind, and Teresa cursed loudly as she was caught off guard, stumbling towards the platform edge. Reaching back wildly, her fingers wrapped around something soft and warm and she yanked on it, realizing too late that it wasn’t going to hold her weight. Teresa tumbled to the ground, just managing to turn herself around so that she landed on her back and the stranger landed right on top of her, half-choking from the pressure she’d put on his scarf. 

"Hey, pendejo!" the brunette exclaimed, giving the scarf a reprimanding tug before shoving at the man’s shoulders, squirming out from under him. "Watch where you’re falling, huh?! Some of us got shit to do b’sides fallin’ in front of a train, like—" She froze, glancing down at her wrist and then back at the man before her. 



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slurred words!

Send “slurred words” to hear my muse describe yours whilst ridiculously drunk.

"Oh my Dios, okay, oye, you know thisss dork? Merlin? HAH, no he is a dork, no verdad, like he acts all suave n’ shit but on the inside he’s just like, ‘Hey Teresa, I need you to directo my life, because I don’t know how t’do basic shit like a dine ‘n’ dash, n’ grow the three hairs I call a moustache’. Oh, stop me, I’m gonna die, it hurts t’laugh this hard! He’s a good amigo though man, like I’d trust him with my life n’ shit, but mierda I got no idea what that boy would do without me. I’m like the cheese to his mac. Y’can’t have mac without cheese or it’s like… so gross, sabes?”

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"Fingers Through Your Hair"

Send Me “Fingers Through Your Hair” for my muse’s reaction to opening their eyes and finding themselves lying down in your muses lap with their hair being stroked

"Mmnn… Merl?" Teresa mumbled sleepily, gazing up at her friend’s face. "When’d you get here?" The mutant closed her eyes again without waiting for an answer, relaxing back into Merlin’s lap with a small smile. "Hey… that feels nice. Keep going," she demanded quietly. The brunette had just woken up but already she was ready to drift off again. Merlin’s lap was warm and his hands were gentle, fingers carding through her hair in a calm, rhythmic way that almost reminded her of when she was a little kid and her brother would rock her to sleep. Remarkably, Teresa felt completely safe and cared for, and she snuggled into Merlin’s lap with a happy sigh.

Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair

Teresa had jerked away a bit when Merlin started to reach for her, before laughing in surprise has he produced a flower out of nowhere. She sat still and let him tuck it in behind her ear before bringing a hand up to touch it curiously. 

"How do I look?" Teresa smiled widely, striking a pose. 

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"Don't worry! It'll be fine. Just keep moving forward, and don't look down."

"Okay Merlin, shut up now!" Teresa balanced on Merlin’s shoulders precariously, scrabbling to pull herself up the wall in order to get a better look.

It looked bad. She slid back down slowly, gripping Merlin’s head so that she didn’t fall.

"Okay, Merl’…. whatever you say, only one of us can fit through this vent and you know I’m scared of huge falls and I know I’ll somehow break all my gooey bones and there might not even be an exit out that way and we’re both gonna die and oh god oh dios I am too young and pretty for this!!!”

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"Why can't you just believe that I care?!"

"Oh, let’s see. Y’want me to list all the reasons? Or just the main one— because I’m not an idiota, whatever you might think. The fuck wants to be friends with a shithead like me, goin’ absolutely nowhere in life? Y’all are gunnin’ for somethin’, don’t think I didn’t know that the moment I asked y’ to come along with me. I’m a sucker for company, but I never had any illusions about us, Merl’. We’re just usin’ each other, have been the whole time. Ain’t no room for ‘caring’ here.”