neckerchiefsandmagic said:

"Fingers Through Your Hair"

Send Me “Fingers Through Your Hair” for my muse’s reaction to opening their eyes and finding themselves lying down in your muses lap with their hair being stroked


"Mmnn… Merl?" Teresa mumbled sleepily, gazing up at her friend’s face. "When’d you get here?" The mutant closed her eyes again without waiting for an answer, relaxing back into Merlin’s lap with a small smile. "Hey… that feels nice. Keep going," she demanded quietly. The brunette had just woken up but already she was ready to drift off again. Merlin’s lap was warm and his hands were gentle, fingers carding through her hair in a calm, rhythmic way that almost reminded her of when she was a little kid and her brother would rock her to sleep. Remarkably, Teresa felt completely safe and cared for, and she snuggled into Merlin’s lap with a happy sigh.

Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair

Teresa had jerked away a bit when Merlin started to reach for her, before laughing in surprise has he produced a flower out of nowhere. She sat still and let him tuck it in behind her ear before bringing a hand up to touch it curiously. 


"How do I look?" Teresa smiled widely, striking a pose.