DUSUN BAMBU || Or the “Hummingbird” nest restaurant. Amazed and impressed as usual, seeing people eating and drinking inside their little nest of comfort. :B #mustgo


Samabawan Island

     Last weekend was the set date to go to the Island. Going there, I had no idea what is in there. All I can think of was that it’s an island with a white sand. I never thought that whats there is beyond just the white sand. 

     When we were still on the vessel about to arrive in the island, I can see that the water is crystal clear and there’s a little cottage on the top of the island. There are other islands beside and are just neighboring Sambawan. Only though we didn’t had an island hopping, which I was really expecting. 

    The time we got there, we were welcomed with such a blessed breeze of the island. Facilities were so great. Bathroom and comfort room were very comfortable to use because of its very clean and the water is unlimited. 

      While waiting for our lunch, my Dad and I decided to hike up to see the whole island. Even though it was really hot going up but we pushed through. Everything’s worth it when pain comes as a gained success. First, we climb that secret like passage way to see the back view of the island. Climbing up there was challenging, my skin got cut and bleed so badly. But it didn’t hinder me to climb more. After seeing the mini back or likely a sneaky-peaky view of he back portion.

       We went down and proceeded to the highest point of Sambawan Island. Good thing there were cemented stairs and tied ropes to hold on.

       When we reached the top, a very breath-taking view wrapped it. Take a look at the pictures to prove I’m right. 

      We had an overnight there and some of tourists prefer sleeping outside their cottages and tents. An advantage of directly looking up the sky with a clear view of the stars and moon.

       During Sunday was way more of challenging climbing and a little hiking. Well we climb up to one of the highest points of the Island more likely a very small height of a hill. The passage way going up had no clear stairs and ropes. All you need to have is the spirit of willingness and safety measures. 

     The sun has risen and it was starting to heat up. Still we climbed up and what we were suppose to see was what had happened. Although my muscles are tired it didn’t beat the view I was actually seeing.

     We took some shots and pictures to include that amazing place to my travel logs. 

     Truly this Island is one of a must-go place. Facilities are great and very accommodating. Plus you can dive there. Under the sea, you can clearly see fishes in any sizes and there are parts than you can see big growing stones that you may thought are corals but aren’t. Safety is a first here. No need to worry about the passages to walk in. Developed safety things here. Visit this Island and learn more of this beautiful paradise

Samabawan Island, Maripipi, Biliran. 

xx Traveller: chezzzka07