“Safe,” she echoed bitterly, pulling her hand away.
            “As long as Palpatine doesn’t change his mind.”
                             The hand she pulled from his grasp was TREMBLING.


favorite non-canon ships: Ron & Lavender (in lavender) 

What Lav and I have … Well, let’s just say, there’s no stopping it. It’s chemical.


Where are the leaders of the land?

Enjolras. Cold as ice; bold as fire. Steely in his determination to work for change; on fire with passion for those who call France home. He cares for those he knows, and sees the individual strengths in every person. He criticizes not with malicious intent but with encouraging words, challenging others to be their best. Complex, moral, and human, he is driven by two things: love for the people, and a desire to see those people be free and equal.

To Bea-Sim. This post is one day early because of reasons. Happy Flag Day, happy first day of summer vacation, and– most importantly– Happy Birthday. Thank you for being my own personal Enjolras. I am honored to be your friend.

Yin/Yang: Artemis Crock