Today’s fully armed, anti-Islam Arizona protest is a perfect example of white privilege. Who else can protest outside of a place of worship WITH GUNS, intimidating families and children, yelling hateful chants, as the police watch idly by and the media refers to them only as “bikers” (not thugs, not terrorists), and they go home untouched, like everything is a-okay. This is not okay. 

 What are we supposed to tell our Muslim children about this kind of hatred? How do we comfort our children after they’ve seen dozens of armed people sneering at them with raging hate in their eyes, yelling expletives at their tiny (but no longer sheltered) bodies? 

Still need help wrapping my mind around this.

P.S. Extremely grateful for all Muslim allies and all those who stood in solidarity with the Muslims in Arizona today, making a human wall to protect the mosque and worshipers, carrying peace-loving signs, outnumbering the hateful protesters, and sharing in God’s love.

Here's How The Religious Right Feels About Muslim Women Suing For Being Forced To Remove Hijab

Here’s How The Religious Right Feels About Muslim Women Suing For Being Forced To Remove Hijab

A Muslim woman, Fatme Dakroub, has filed suit against a Michigan police department for forcing her to remove her hijab after she was arrested. Why was she arrested? According to The Raw Story, the arresting officer had questions about a traffic ticket she said she’d paid years ago, which wasn’t really the problem. He also questioned her immigration status (she’s a U.S. citizen), and then forced…

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ya think I’m going to pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that’s “protesting” (read: trying to intimidate innocent Muslims) the presence of my religion?? they have real guns and where are the police arresting them?? calling them violent?? they are threatening the Muslims in Arizona; this poses a clear and present danger and nothing is being done. this is the definition of white supremacy.

if ya think I’m gonna pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that’s doing this, u funny.

Praying for all the Muslim brothers & sisters that are brave enough to go to the phoenix mosque today. Stay safe.

For those of you who don’t know there are over a hundred white biker men that are participating in an armed protest outside of a Phoenix mosque. This same mosque happens to be the one that two men attended. Those two men were the cause of a shooting in Texas at a Muhammed drawing contest that a bunch of racist and bigoted white people take part in.

Anyways because those two men went to this Phoenix mosque a bunch of Texas idiots are having an anti Islamic armed protest outside the mosque.

This is America ladies and gentlemen. Where people leave white people alone but white people just wanna cause all kinds of shit cause ‘merica

Many Muslim men after living a long life of practicing major sinful acts such as drinking, adultery, clubbing and so on, come back and repent to Allah swt. Alhamdulilah. However, when some of those men start looking for a wife, they look for someone who is as pure as a Mary (pbuh). Now that’s hard to grasp, but what is even harder to grasp and more sickening is when a man who did not even repent, practiceing a life of a non-Muslim, and still wants someone as pure as Mary (pbuh).

Question is, why did society make a female’s sin worth so much more than a male’s sin? A sin is a sin. Whether it’s from a male or a female. A girl having a *bad* history is worth the same as a guy having a bad history. A girl should not be ignored just because she once talked to a guy or because she did not wear the Hijab during a certain time of her life. Wallahi girls get pushed aside for the silliest reasons such as, “because her brother in law’s cousin’s brother’s son’s wife smokes Shisha…”

Please remember, Allah is the most fair. He will give you someone who you deserve. So the more you work on improving your self, the better your spouse will be inshaAllah

-Mohammed Zeyara

Please keep the Muslim community here in AZ in your duaas. There is an armed biker gang organizing what they’re calling a “protest” outside of a mosque in Phoenix during afternoon prayers. They’re intending on holding a “draw Muhammad” contest and there’s already 100+ people who intend to go so it’s frightening and serious. They made a point to let everyone know they’re bringing guns. I’m just really scared for my friends who are attending Jummah and for the rest of the Muslim community. It’s a huge mosque so there’s going to be a lot of people there.

Just make duaa that everything is okay and nothing bad happens. CAIR is working with the Phoenix PD to try to protect the mosque but they’re also encouraging people to stay home just in case.

May Allah swt protect everyone in attendance and may He allow these nasty people to witness the true, peaceful face of Islam tomorrow. May He guide them and change their hearts. Ameen.

I’m sorry but when a man takes a recording of a woman and posts it so that her friends and her family can see, that sin is not on her. It is on him. She may have since repented for whatever sins she had committed in that recording.

Her reputation was ruined by the man. We as Muslims do not make our sins public. He made another person’s sins public. And she had so little support amongst her own family, friends and community that she killed herself.

And the deepest comment we can come up with as an Ummah is ‘women guard your reputations???’

What about ‘men, do not degrade your sisters like this.’ 

‘Men, be their protectors.’ 

‘Muslims, do not expose each others sins.’

The armed protest organized at a Phoenix Mosque in the U.S. by an ex-Marine and the “leave our country”, “no place for violent Moslems in America” rhetoric of the rest of the organizers go on to show how the very idea of American patriotism is complicit in promoting prejudice against Muslims and minorities. I was just going through the event page of the protest and I am honestly beyond disgusted at the amount of vile, racist, Islamophobic hate speech patriotic Americans are spewing on that page. It’s not really a surprise when Americans wars to “protect freedom” have killed four million Muslims and patriotic soldiers kill Afghan civilians for sport. But let me ask you, which democracy is it that you are trying to protect that involves imprisoning children? How does torture and abuse of inmates protect human rights? How do systematic economic sanctions that kill a million children uphold ideals of freedom and equality that America is supposedly built on? The harassment of peaceful citizens by inviting people to gather outside a mosque after Jumma prayer and asking them to engage in a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest to disrespect believers goes on to show that such Islamophobia cannot be divorced from American patriotism espoused by imperialist wars. American patriotism effectively represents and reinforces the social hierarchies through exclusion of the “terrorists others” from American citizenship. You believe your own constitution allows you the right to harass and target innocent citizens and call it free speech, then clearly your constitution believes that a privileged few deserve more freedom and equality than the rest. Thank you, dear America, for teaching us how democracy works.

عَسى تَأخيرك عَنْ سَفر “ خَير”

It is highly possible that you being delayed from a journey is better for you.

و عَسى حِرمآنك مِنْ زَوآج “بَركة”

And it is highly possible that you being deprived of marriage is a blessing.

و عَسى طّلآقّك منّ زوجك “راحة”

And its highly possible that your divorce from your spouse is ease.

و عَسى رَدك عَن وَظيفة “مَصلحة”

And it is highly possible that you being refused a position is in your best interest.

و عَسى تَأخرك و حِرمآنك مِنْ طِفل “خَير”

And it is highly possible that a delay in having a child or being deprived from one is for the best.

قال الله تعالى: {وَعَسَى أَنْ تَكْرَهُوا شَيْئًا وَهُوَ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ وَعَسَى أَنْ تُحِبُّوا شَيْئًا وَهُوَ شَرٌّ لَكُمْ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ وَأَنْتُمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَ.} - سورة البقرة

“And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” (Aayah 216 Al Baqarah)

لأنّه يَعلمْ و أنت لا تَعلمْ ..

Because He (Allah) knows and you do not know.

فَلآ تتضآيق لأي شَيء يحدُث لك لأنه بإذن الله خَير ..

So do not be angry and annoyed for anything which happens to you because by the permission of Allah, it is best for you.

يُقآل ..
It is said

لا تكثر من الشكوَى فَيأتِيك الهمّ ،

Do not complain excessively, as worries will come your way.

ولكِن ؛

آكْثِر من الحمدُلِله تأتيك آلسعَآدة “

قال اللَّه عَزَّ وَجَلَّ في القرآن الكريم: { لَئِنْ شَكَرْتُمْ لَأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ)

Increase praising Allah, and good fortune will come your way.

As الله says in the Honourable Quraan.
Verse: "And if you are thankful, I will definitely increase (blessings) for you.”

According to EU-wide research, 1 in 3 Muslims in Europe have experienced discrimination at least once over the last year. In France, a mosque is attacked or damaged every 3 weeks. A Muslim is attacked every 3 days – 85% of Islamophobic acts are against Muslim women. In Belgium, there are two Islamophobic atttacks every week.

Understanding the different sects of Islam

Muslims are not merely divided into liberal, secular, conservative, hard-liner, Islamist, and extremist, nor are they simply just Shiite or Sunni. There are also very different schools of thought and their views on issues from women’s rights to apostasy vary immensely from one another. I just want to focus on the major ones, to give people a better understanding of how diverse the Muslim world is.

Hanafi (Sunni) Muslims - The largest number of Sunni Muslims belong to the Hanafi school of thought. It is the major school of Islamic thought for most of the Muslims in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the former Soviet countries, as well as significant number of Muslims in India, China, Iraq, Russia, and the Caucasus.

Hanabali (Sunni) Muslims - Considered by many Muslims as the most extremist form of thought, Hanabali is the forerunner for the Wahabbi-Salafi extremist ideology in Saudi Arabia. Hanabali school of thought is found primarily in Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, with smaller numbers scattered around the world.

Maliki (Sunni) Muslims - The Maliki is the main school of thought in Africa, including North Africa. It is also very significant in the United Arab Emirates, and to a lesser extent parts of other Arab Gulf countries.

Shafai’i (Sunni) Muslims - This school of thought is followed mainly by Muslims in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is also, to a smaller extent, followed in East Africa, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, by the Kurds, small parts of Egypt and Yemen.

Zahiri (Sunni) Muslims - A very tiny group within the Sunni schools of thought, Zahiris make up a small minority communities in Morocco and Pakistan.

Twelver (Shiite) Muslims - Often referred to just as Shiite, the twelvers are by far the largest group of Shiite Muslims in the world making up over 90% of all Shiite Muslims. They believe in “12 Imams” having succeeded Muhammad, with the 12th Imam expected to appear on judgement day with Jesus. Known as the Mahdi, he is said to bring peace to earth with Jesus. According to Shiite beliefs, the Mahdi will be looked upon to prepare for the reign of Jesus who will rule for a time after. The twelvers make up the majority of Muslims in in Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain, with lesser, but very significant populations in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Kuwait and the heavily persecuted community in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Alawites (Shiite) Muslims - As a branch of the Twelver Shiites, they are a group of Muslims who incorporate many Christian and Gnostic elements in their beliefs, and seen as very secular. Historically they have been heavily persecuted and resorted to concealing their beliefs in Sunni ruled regions. They number around 3-5 million people scattered mainly in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. 

Alevi (Shiite) Muslims -  As a branch of the Twelver Shiites, they mainly focus on philosophy and tradition. They are also widely secular and they incorporate many sufi and non-Islamic elements in their customs. There are around 24 million Alevis worldwide, with the majority in Turkey, and the rest mainly in the Balkans, Albania, Azerbaijan, Iran and Syria.

Ismaili (Shiite) Muslims - The Ismailis and Twelver Shiites both accept the same initial Imams and share a lot in common. However, they disagree on the succession of the Sixth Imam. Most Ismaelis originate from the Indian subcontinent and many later migrated to Africa. Their population is around 15 million worldwide, and they are scattered in different parts of the world.

Druze (Shiite) Muslims - A very small number, branching from the Ismaili sect of Shiite Islam. They are one of the small groups of Muslim sects that do not accept converts. Some Druze do not even consider themselves as Muslims. There are currently around 2 million Druze in the world, with the majority in Syria, and smaller but very significant populations in Lebanon and Israel. 

Zaidi (Shiite) Muslims - The Zaidis, similar to the Ismaeilis, share a great deal with the Twelver Shiite Muslims, as they all accept the same initial Imams. However, the Zaidis disagree on the succession of the 4th Imam, as to who should have been the 5th Imam, and hence they are sometimes referred to as “Fivers”. Their only major concentration is in Yemen, where they make up about 40% of the total Muslim population. 

Sufi Muslims - Considered to the spiritualist mystical Muslims, the Sufis have been persecuted in many countries. Historically Turkey and Iran were the two major centres for the Sufis. In recent years Sufism has spread to several other countries, despite being persecuted, it is celebrated as a spiritual mystical form of Islam.

Ibadi Muslims - The only country where Ibadi Muslims have a significant following is Oman, with a significant number in Zanzibar as well. They are neither considered to be Sunni or Shiite.

Ahmadi Muslims - The Ahmadiyya community is a minority Muslim sect in every country of the world. There is no country that even comes close to being Ahmadiyya in its school of thought. Pakistan has the largest population of Ahmadi Muslims. 

Note 1: The Jafari Shiite school of thought is the jurisprudence of most Shiite Muslims, followed by Twelvers, Alevis and Ismailis, as well as many of the Zaidis.

Note 2: There are many other smaller groups within Islam, and also several Islamic schools of thought which have gone extinct.