One of the literati said:

If you believe that you have a covenant with time such that things will only be the way you want in all your affairs, and you will only be given what you want and desire, then it makes sense to give yourself free rein to grieve every time you do not get what you want or when obstacles come between you and your goal. But if you are aware that things alternate, sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you miss out, and that life never gives you a gift and then forgets about it, rather it will come to take it back, and that this is the way life is for all the sons of Adam, whether they live in palaces or hovels, for the one whose limit is the sky and the one who sleeps on the bare ground. So try to calm your grief and wipe away your tears, for you are not the only one stricken with calamities and your problems are nothing new or unjust in the annals of calamity and grief.

ISIS is Not Islam (VIDEO)

ISIS is Not Islam (VIDEO)

In reality, Muslim extremists account for far less terrorist attacks on U.S. soil than of all other major religious groups. According to the F.B.I. database, Jewish extremist terrorist attacks committed account for 7% of all acts of terrorism, vs. 6% committed by Muslims on U.S. soil. These Jewish extremist groups are no different than Al-Qaeda or ISIS in their sociopathic ideology. However, most…

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  • white person:9/11 was done by muslims, all muslims are terrorists, they need to get out of my country
  • me:But...not all muslims did the act so you shouldn't blame all muslims
  • white person:What ever, they all wear the same types of clothes as Bin Laden and are from that same country and the same color
  • me:Ok so you're probably on your way to shoot innocent kids in school huh
  • white person:Noooo, that was one white person, you can't say all white people did the act when it was one person and that one person had mental issues
  • me:may god shine some light on you to burn that ignorance right out of your ass bye

If you care about the world you know that a religious genocide is going on in Iraq. But not by Muslims. Don’t call them that, call them religious extremists because the religion of Islam in no way condones killing people. That’s like saying Jews are responsible for the genocide in Gaza when the real perpetrators are the Zionists. Don’t categorize all Muslims as people who follow a religion where violence inflicted on another human is accepted. It’s just not right.


Muslims are taking on the Islamic State with a twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge

 Muslims around the world aren’t intimidated by the brutal tactics of Islamic State. And they’ve started their own challenge is to burn an IS flag to prove it.

Mother Jones reports that the challenge began when three young Lebanese men in Beirut protested IS’ horrifying human rights record by posting a video of themselves burning the group’s flag. The trend quickly took off as Muslims and others, mostly throughout Lebanon, posted clips of burning black flags, calling for an end to Islamic State.

But Lebanese officials aren’t happy about it | Follow micdotcom