It’s time the U.S. media stops pushing a monolithic, sexist narrative of the “Muslim World”

Very few countries have sterling records when it comes to gender equality. Almost everywhere in the world, women are paid less, subjected to greater violence and granted fewer opportunities to obtain political power than men.

Despite this problem’s global nature, the American media too often pushes a troubling narrative: that gendered oppression is the norm in Muslim-majority countries.

Here to reject this claim is Resa Aslan, a renowned religious scholar who went on CNN this week in response to comedian Bill Maher’s equating of the “Muslim world” with Islamic State, the violent group that’s taken over large parts of Syria and Iraq.

"Liberal Western culture is not just different [from Islam], it’s better," Maher said.

Here’s why this statement is so problematic

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Bill Maher Destroyed Again And Again By Reza Aslan

  • white person:9/11 was done by muslims, all muslims are terrorists, they need to get out of my country
  • me:But...not all muslims did the act so you shouldn't blame all muslims
  • white person:What ever, they all wear the same types of clothes as Bin Laden and are from that same country and the same color
  • me:Ok so you're probably on your way to shoot innocent kids in school huh
  • white person:Noooo, that was one white person, you can't say all white people did the act when it was one person and that one person had mental issues
  • me:may god shine some light on you to burn that ignorance right out of your ass bye

This is our sister. Your SISTER. MY SISTER. Look at how our women are being treated. It’s time we put aside our differences and unite as one. Us uniting is their biggest fear!

The Prophet (SAW) said: “The Believers, in their mutual love, mercy and compassion, are like one body: if one organ complained, the rest of the body develops a fever.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

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Yes, because throwing Muslims into internment camps like we did the Japanese and profiling every single Muslim American because they are all suspect is very much the smartest thing to do and a fantastic use of our resources. Thank you Fox News, you never disappoint.


Muslims are taking on the Islamic State with a twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge

 Muslims around the world aren’t intimidated by the brutal tactics of Islamic State. And they’ve started their own challenge is to burn an IS flag to prove it.

Mother Jones reports that the challenge began when three young Lebanese men in Beirut protested IS’ horrifying human rights record by posting a video of themselves burning the group’s flag. The trend quickly took off as Muslims and others, mostly throughout Lebanon, posted clips of burning black flags, calling for an end to Islamic State.

But Lebanese officials aren’t happy about it | Follow micdotcom