Translated by Sarah Nader

[Image text] Susan wears a hijab out of choice, but many say she is just another woman oppressed by Islam. Susan, what you wear is your own personal decision, and the “oppression” would be to strip you of the freedom to choose.

[texto da imagem] Susan usa o hijab porque se sente bem com ele, mas muita gente diz que ela é apenas uma mulher oprimida pelo Islã. Susan, se cobrir ou se mostrar é uma escolha pessoal, e “opressivo” seria tirar de você a liberdade de escolher!

كل عام و المملكة و الشعب السعودي بألف خير و صحة و اسأل الله ان يديم علينا الأمن و الأمان و نعمة الإستقرار 

💚💚💚 الوطن في قلوبنا دائماً و أبداً 💚💚💚

Muslim groups denounce anti-Islam ads on NYC buses

A set of six advertisements with anti-Muslim messaging will begin appearing on Sept. 29, plastered on 100 New York City buses and in two subway entrances. The ads will run for a total of four weeks, according to the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The ads, which reportedly cost $100,000, are sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Led by blogger Pamela Geller, the far-right group supports what it calls “counter jihad measures.” The group publicized the coming ads on their website, describing the campaign as telling “truths about Islam and jihad that the government and media ignore.”

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Islamophobia is a problem

Recently, I made a video about how my atheism is not the result of malice or hate for religious people and their beliefs, and how we need to be more understanding of others instead of belittling, demonizing, and insulting them. For those who didn’t watch it, here’s the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIQ33C7x4Fg

At the moment I’m in Korea for another week, so I haven’t been doing much blogging the past few days except for posting some pictures from my trip.

However, there is an issue that came up recently which I’d like to address and once I’m back in Canada I will make another video about it and continue to do my part to counter this campaign of hate and animosity that just seems to be growing because not enough people are combating it! So I just want to take a minute and talk about Islamophobia, which has unfortunately become a huge problem in our world. There are many writers who have devoted their life to this, and made it into a career of hate! I am an atheist, but I’ve experienced Islamophobic forms of discrimination first-hand several times because I am perceived as a “Muslim”, so I am all too aware of how harsh and disturbing it is!

I will discuss this in more detail once I’m back in Canada next week, but for now I just want to point out something I came across. It was a sad article that someone sent me yesterday, where a Danish Islamophobic writer says how Muslims are simply the product of a 1,400 year old inbred retarded culture. This is actually a psychologist who has taken Islamaphobia to another level saying that Islamic culture “retards” people biologically so anyone who even has a Muslim ancestor is impacted by this. In his eyes and the people who strongly support him such as Robert Spencer and David Horowitz of the world and their fans, even if you’re no longer a Muslim for whatever reason, you are still nothing but a product of a “worthless retarded inbred” culture, and the solution is your extermination. It doesn’t surprise me now that Anders Breivik mentioned Robert Spencer as his main motivator, saying how he inspired him to go on a mass shooting in Norway to kill 77 innocent people to start a modern-day crusade.

This campaign of hate we are seeing now was the same hateful, racist approach used in the past against African-Americans, against First Nations communities, against the Jews, and many others in the past, but now it’s Islam and Muslims that’s the hot topic because these Islamophobes know they can sell this to the misinformed members of society and gain from it financially. In the eyes of an Islamaphobe, anyone who is even descendent from a Muslim, even if they converted to another religion or became atheists, makes no difference. I guess in their eyes my engineering degree, and my sister being a mathematician, and how almost everyone in my family being very well educated is simply the product of many years of “retardation”

I will definitely discuss it further when I have time, but for now I just want to say, while I understand how all of this can be infuriating, anger never solves anything, in fact it gives the Islamaphobes exactly what they are hoping to achieve through their systematic campaign of hate and provoking. While there will always be extremists who try to take centre stage, we have to start playing a bigger role, if you’re ever feeling pessimistic and say things like “what they’re doing is beyond our control”, then you have to realize it was exactly such an approach that got us here, the silence of the overwhelming majority because of the acts of the tiny disgusting extremists, and allowing those Islamaphobes who are full of hate and anger to take advantage of this. The way to combat this is to be fact-based in the approach you take, get out there and voice your opinion and always be calm, peaceful, and use a non-violent, non-aggressive approach to combat this systematic form of hate and prejudice. Love and understanding always wins over hate and bigotry.