103 The Eye Radio interviews Musicvein

103 The Eye Radio interviews Musicvein

A few weeks ago local radio station

103 The Eye kindly invited me onto their show to talk about my new company Musicvein Entertainment and the Dinner & Jazz nights I’ll be bringing to the Leicestershire area.

I had a great time on air with presenters Patrick & Treaders and loved being able to bring a slice of what’s to come to the listening ear.

Thanks to all who tuned in and I hope you can make…

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Bon Iver - “Towers”

Check out this awesome live video of Bon Iver performing “Towers”. Its a great song by a unique band. The video really is shot and edited to perfection. Its actually going to be on PBS on October 13th. Check it!

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City and Colour - “Thirst”

So Lets forget all those performances you saw last night and get down to the real music. Watch City and Colour perform their song “Thirst" live at Reading Festival. 

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Explosions in the Sky - “Be Comfortable, Creature”

This is a pretty cool video that contains an interesting creature storyline. You’ll definitely be hooked once you see the creature. Slightly sad video but worth the watch.

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Green or Blue - Studio Update!

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Followed By Ghosts - “Clear Blue Sky”

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Hands Like Houses - This Ain’t No Place For Animals

Holy hell, this band is pretty sick. just found these guys through Rise Records. They have a crazy blend of metal/electronic/experimental and all with no screaming. What does everyone think? I think it sounds awesome. 

Check them out:




Need some free exposure?

The point of MusicVeins.Co is to promote great music. It’s a place to find new artists, where bands can get in touch with us, and request exposure. We have had some great bands follow us (Eversham,NGHBRS,Knesset,MinionTv) and receive exposure just for the follow. So basically, follow MusicVeins.Co and you may just be a featured artist. 

Also keep an eye out for some great major acts as well.  

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Josh Garrels Videos

Check out these two videos by the man himself. The first one is a trailer for a documentary filmed on him and the creation process. The second video is a pretty cool performance with a ton of great musicians. Both worth viewing.

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Green or Blue - Announcement/Teaser

If you haven’t heard Green or Blue yet than I don’t know what to say to you other than watch that video and go here and buy some music!

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O’Brother - “Lo”

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The Classic Crime - “Beautiful Darkside”

Check out this new song by The Classic Crime. They released it yesterday morning. Definitely worth a listen. This track is off their upcoming album “Phoenix”.