wind guide you - [listen]

a mix for the dovahkiin that yearns for adventure, to unravel the mysteries of the world; the one that can never linger in one place for too long; the one whose curiosity is insatiable; the free spirit 

01. éowyn’s dream - howard shore | 02. northern pastures - two steps from hell | 03. katniss afoot - james newton howard | 04. scent of a woman - two steps from hell | 05. fight or flight - jesper kyd and lorne balfe | 06. the plates - steward chatwood and inon zur | 07. mother of dragons - ramin djawadi | 08. the road to masyaf - jesper kyd and lorne balfe | 09. from western woods to beaversdam - harry gregson-williams 

welcome to my broken home » akane owari mix

cover credit // 8tracks

1. we are the ocean - welcome to my broken home

2. robyn - the girl and the robot

3. guano apes - tiger

4. three days grace - animal i have become

5. smash mouth - all star

6. mumford and sons - roll away your stone

7. daft punk - harder, better, faster, stronger

8. ed sheeran - you need me, i don’t need you

9. die happy - supersonic speed

10. awolnation - jump on my shoulders

11. coldplay - us against the world

chasing ghosts » tsubomi kido mix

cover credit // 8tracks

1. drive like red - chasing ghosts

2. radiohead - how to disappear completely

3. flyleaf - cage on the ground

4. coldplay - till kingdom come

5. the pretty reckless - miss nothing

6. bloc party - little thoughts

7. you me at six - stay with me 

8. ingrid michaelson - so long

9. foo fighters - my hero

10. hadouken! - lost

11. gavin creel - noise



A mix dedicated to the Circles of Thedas.

"Outside of normal society, and outside of the Chantry, the mages would form their own closed society, the Circle, separated for the first time in human history."  It is as much of a school as it is a prison… and holds just as much danger within its walls as the outside world.

a muted dreaming, a clandestine paradise / take me home before the storm / we were hungry before we were born / and it surrounds everything / the world, your canvas

empty thoughts; noise that drifts through the dark

here the noise that moves so soft and slow; james vincent mcmorrow || the devil’s tears; angus and julia stone || landfill; daughter || dear believer; edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros || bel air; lana del rey || until we bleed; mikael karlsson || afraid; the neighbourhood || creep; radiohead || asleep; the smiths || you, earth or ash; slow cub

{l i s t e n}

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War l listen

"When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come and see!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword."

i. faceless - red ii. nemo - nightwish iii. never enough - tarja turunen iv. chasm - flyleaf v. bitter taste - three days grace vi. monster - skillet vii. righ here in my arms - him viii. murder - within temptation

miss invisible » mikan tsumiki mix

cover credit // 8tracks

1. imagine dragons - demons

2. marie digby - miss invisible

3. christina perri - tragedy

4. sick puppies - cancer

5. lissie - look away

6. alesana - apology

7. moa - joy & pain

8. tenth avenue north - love sick

9. you love her ‘coz she’s dead - blinded

10. florence and the machine - no light, no light

♔ KIRKWALL - listen 

It is known as “The City of Chains” due to its history as the heart of the Tevinter slave trade. While the Gallows is no longer used to house slaves, it maintains a foreboding presence over the city, now home to the Circle of Magi. The people of Kirkwall are as unforgiving as the city itself, always under the watchful gaze of the powerful Templar Order. Inspired by Music of Thedas.

TRACKLIST: [26 min, 9 tracks]

  • the british empire - brian tyler
  • searching - the eagle
  • meereen - ramin djawadi
  • the story foretold - howard shore
  • spirits - ernie mannix
  • welcome to konstantiniyye - jesper kyd, lorne balfe
  • rebuilding the brotherhood - jesper kyd, lorne balfe
  • dishonored - daniel licht
  • breaker of chains - ramin djawadi 

To celebrate 10.000 posts:

a happy playlist

01. Anna Sun - Walk The Moon // 02. Faster - Matt Nathanson // 03. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy // 04. Hey Na Na - Katie Herzig // 05. Popular Song - Mika // 06. At Least It Was Here - The 88 // 07. My Body - Young The Giant // 08. The Sun - Research Material // 09. People - Awolnation // 10. Everyone Is Gay - A Great Big World // 11. C’mon Yeah - The Sunshine // 12. Feel Good! - Mike Del Rio // 13. Dirty Love - Ke$ha ft. Iggy Pop // 14. Bang Bang Bangity Bang - HIMYM Cast // 15. Happy - Glee Cast ft. Gwyneth Paltrow

Emotional Lanscapes (music mix)

Tracklist: 1.We must be killers  - Mikky Ekko  2.Smells like teen spirit - Patti Smith  3.Full moon - The Black Ghosts  4.If I had a heart - Fever Ray  5.Wilderness - Bat for lashes  6.Eyes on fire - Blue Foundation  7. May it be - Enya 8. Björk – Jóga 9. Tristan & Isolde - Liebestod

listen here

  ♡   S O N G S   F O R   W O M E N   C R O S S E D   I N   L O V E   ♡

for when you’re heartbroken and hurting and extremely pissed off about it. for when they won’t love you like you deserve to be loved. for when you finally tell them to get the fuck out.

track listing: 1. why don’t you love me - beyonce | 2. you oughta know - alanis morrisette | 3. caught out there - kelis | 4. why do you love me - garbage | 5. violet - hole | 6. my favourite game - the cardigans | 7. man - yeah yeah yeahs | 8. mamma knows best - jessie j | 9. can’t get it back - mis teeq | 10. kiss you off - scissor sisters | 11. fighter - christina aguilera | 12. trick me - kelis | 13. get free - the vines | bonus track: fuck everything - css

[ L I S T E N ]

slow me down » ultear milkovich mix

cover credit // 8tracks

1. emmy rossum - slow me down

2. florence and the machine - breath of life

3. rachel diggs - hands of time

4. flyleaf - new horizons

5. trapt - the last tear

6. hana pestle - make you hurt

7. linkin park - by myself

8. lights - ice

9. ingrid michaelson - keep breathing

10. maria mena - the art of forgiveness

11. fay wolf - your love

12. ellie goulding - dead in the water


[ MER · CE · NAR ·Y ] a person primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics; a professional soldier hired to serve

there’s nothing that will change a person’s moral outlook quicker than money, so there’s no point in trust. put your faith in cold, hard cash. you can buy my loyalty and i’ll make sure the job gets done.

a cyberpunk mix for mercs making a living
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A Mix:: Orion & Dog

Orion & Dog :: a mix for lonely hearts and the stars

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I know it’s been a while since my last mix. Life gets busy and things you want to do become last in line to things you have to do.

Here is a mix for those nights that are both loved and feared. Those nights you find yourself alone in your car after a hectic day. Those nights you can’t help but look up at the sky and have your breathe taken away by God’s glorious creation and know that it will all be ok.

I’m trying something new and putting this mix on Spotify. (If you don’t have it, I strongly suggest you get it.)  Until then, please send me any ideas on how to make online mixtapes.

  • Mix
  • Various Artists

So I made this thing and it’s made up of some of my favourite songs and  then I kinda tried to fit them together but forgive some of the awkward transitions (ahem going into Ritual ahem)

Fashionably Late – Falling In Reverse

A Prophecy – Asking Alexandria

Crucify Me – Bring Me The Horizon

Second And Seybring – Of Mice And Men

Ritual – Black Veil Brides

The Only Hope For Me Is You – My Chemical Romance

Remembering Sunday – All Time Low feat. Juliet Simms

The Last Night – Skillet

Resurrect The Sun – Black Veil Brides

(Second And Seybring – Of Mice And Men)

lady luck » celestia ludenberg mix

cover credit // 8tracks

1. donots - lady luck

2. awolnation - burn it down

3. hana pestle - the red death ball

4. panic! at the disco - lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

5. tommy heavenly6 - lucky me

6. ben’s brother - beauty queen

7. gossip - standing in the way of control

8. kings of leon - use somebody

9. we are the ocean - i could have been so much more

10. the subways - money

11. kate nash - mariella

12. zebrahead - nothing to lose