Insights On Video Game Music Supervision

Ever wonder what music supervisors look for when they license songs for games or select composers to work on projects?

Check out these interviews with Katie Sippel of Activision and Mike Rajna of Konami for some great insights on what they look for in artists, how game music supervision works and why the process of making a game soundtrack differs from the same process for film and TV:

5 Ways to Get a Free MOB Token

By Sarah Cooper

As the Artist Relations Manager here at Musicpage, I regularly speak with music professionals from all corners of the industry. These pros often drop little pearls of wisdom in our conversations and emails, so I decided to start passing them along to our users. 

This month the tips are all from me! Here are 5 easy ways to get 5 Free MOB Tokens. MOB Tokens are good for 12 months, allow you to apply to Music Ops and get you feedback on the applications.

5 Ways to Get a Free MOB Token

1. Create an Artist Profile

For many of you, this has already happened. Every Musicpage member who creates an Artist Profile is given one Free MOB Token. So if you noticed you had a MOB Token and didn’t know where it came from, there you go.

2. Get the “Verified Artist” badge

When we speak with an artist and verify their Artist Profile is complete, we stamp it with a “Verified Artist” badge. This badge lets our music pro members know the last time your profile was updated. 

If you don’t have a “Verified Artist” badge on your profile, call 402.932.1456 and tell one of our Artist Relations reps you want to get badged! 

Note: over 75% of artists chosen for Music Ops have the “Verified Artist” badge. It’s free and helps you stand out to our music pro members. Plus, you get a free MOB Token. What are you waiting for, son?

3. Tweet Tweet

Have a Twitter profile? Add your Musicpage Artist Profile link in the “Website” field, then call your Artist Relations Rep so they can verify it.  They will toss you a MOB Token on the spot!

4. Give a Shout on Facebook

Have a Facebook page? Post a shoutout with a link to your Musicpage Artist Profile and tag us ( so we can see it!

5. Referral Program

Tell your musician friends about us! If a friend signs up to Musicpage and puts [your name] in the “How did you hear about us?” field…we will give you a Free MOB Token! This might not be our smartest idea, but right now the amount of friends referred is unlimited, so take advantage of us now before we come to our senses.

Want some more tips? Send your questions my way! Send to:

How To Get Your Music Heard (And Eventually Licensed)

Originally posted on August 12, 2013

In a world where music is everywhere, and thousands of artists are competing for the same slice of recognition in the music industry, it is important to be smart and really do your homework when it comes to getting your music noticed.

I’m sure you’ve heard this famous line from the kid with the obvious need to fit in: “I got that million dollar beat, yo.”I hate to be the one to break it to you, but chances are…you don’t, so please get your Beats by Dre headphones out of my face and sit the eff down. This isn’t a formula for success, nor is it a get rich quick scheme. However, these tips can serve as a framework that will help put you (and your music) on the right path.

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