Itunes write up

I got this idea from someone else’s post but whenever I tried to reblog it it kept linking back to theirs so I’m just making another post.

How Many Songs: 1180

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First Song: About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All- Dan Mangan

Last Song: 2000 Light Years From Home- The Rolling Stones

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Shortest Song: Stranded- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Longest Song: Joey- Bob Dylan

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First Artist: AC/DC
Last Artist: The Yardbirds

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First Album: Accelerate- REM

Last Album: Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection- Jimi Hendrix

Death: 6
Life: 31

Love: 53
Hate: 1
You: 123
Sex: 1

so i’m friends with a lot of musicky people on facebook. just because given geographic distance, that’s the only way we can keep in touch after summer festivals.

i keep seeing pictures of people performing and stuff and i feel… jealous isn’t the right word, and envious basically means the same thing.

it’s that feeling of looking from the outside in with the immovable glass wall.

if i had tried harder, practiced better, could i have been part of that world?

what does it mean that i wish i had?


I’m having problems with my Spotify account(s) and premium subscriptions and my mobile service provider, but I’m hoping to get the issue(s) fixed by Monday. When the issue’s fixed, I’ll post more musicky goodness!

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KID KOALA: Moon River

Super Moon this weekend, guys.

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THOM YORKE: All For The Best

Don’t sweat the video, but this song — I’ve listened at least 10 times today. Its quiet narrative skates like rolling drops of condensation down a cold glass on a hot porch.

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Good morning.

The USPS left a notice re: a package I missed. After a few days, I finally swung by the post office on Hosea to intercept my first non-family care package since crashing down here. 

After spending two weeks building those LP mailers at DFA, I knew just how to crack open that box from Brooklyn. It held the Celestial Shore record and this cutie shirt. Elliot, the band’s (former?) manager and pal, promised it to me one night circa 3 a.m. at Baby’s All Right last month and I can’t believe he followed through. I sat in my car with the goodies in my lap and involuntarily cooed, eyes welling up. 

I like nice people!

And I like this band so so so much. They are nice people who make dreamy AF garage-pop music (and Killer Quinoa Nachos).

They’re on tour right now with one of my main squeeze BK bands, Ava Luna. Check out the complete schedule here or if you’re in Atlanta, join me at Mammal Gallery Upstairs Monday, Sept. 8. I will be spaz-dancing with eyes closed probably the whole time.

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DOLLY PARTON: I Will Always Love You

Posting again because I think it’s important to revisit often.

If Only You Were Lonely
  • If Only You Were Lonely
  • The Replacements
  • Boink!!

THE REPLACEMENTS: If Only You Were Lonely

I recently reviewed the (spoiler alert) the puke-uke Replacements tribute album from Bright Little Field. Proverbially spinning (via busted iPhone) it over and over just stuck me with a hankering for the real deal, inspiring a major ‘Mats revival, particularly this track.

Often Westerberg’s smart songwriting gets masked by general sloshery. This song is so raw and sad and honest and pretty. The stale beer and pounding hangover. Vomit, heartache. It sounds exactly like a sloppy, solo walk home. 

Perhaps it just took my first six consecutive months of singledom in years to entirely get the last wisp of optimism closing the cut. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

In other news, I think my marriage pact count is now up to three or four.