Non- musicians, athletes, dancers and artists, please read this

After getting this question countless time and knowing countless other people who have had the uncomfortable experience of being asked as well, I thought I might tell you guys about it.

This question is a question musicians, athletes, dancers and artists often get, and it’s a question many of us dread.

The worst question you can ask us is: “And are you good?” when we tell you that we are in music, dancing, sports etc. 

In your mind, this probably sounds like a simple, innocent question, but it isn’t, the answer to it is extremely complicated and it’s very hard for us to answer it in one sentence. What do you want us to say?
“Yes, I am so great, I’m like a prodigy”?
It’s such a stupid question, please do not ask us this.
Instead ask us, how far have you gotten, what level are you on, something like that.

Musicians, dancers, artists, athletes everywhere. 



GOASTT and graffiti
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People Who Play The :

Violin and Piano : Vianist
Cello and Violin : Celionist
Clarinet and Trumpet : Clarpetist
Flute and Percussion : Percuteist
Violin and Viola : Violina Player ( lol wut )
Double bass and Cello : Bassllist
Horn and Saxophone : Hornophonist
Trombone and Oboe : Tromboe Player
Piccolo and Flute player : Picclutist
Piano and Clarinet : Pianinetist
Bassoon and Trombone : Bassombone
Tuba and Horn : Tubahornist

(( feel free to add more ))