Future music festival 2015 in Brisbane. Australia 7/3/15.

The crowd lifted this guy up, wheelchair and all! He was partying harder than most of the people there. This was the greatest moment of the festival, watching his face light up as we all danced to the music. I will never forget this or his face. MAD RESPECT!

Spread the love of nature, music, and arts to the little ones, they hold the future in their hands. Our photo recap of Desert Daze Music Festival is up on our blog! Spend a few minutes to see our experience of this rad gathering deep in the California desert. We also explored Painted Canyon and Salvation Mountain, which we encourage everyone to see someday. 📷: @coreyarmend | Always stay #in2nature | #desertdaze #desertdaze2015 #desertvibes #musicfestival (at link in bio)