ProSet Super Stars MusiCards #224

Named after a cartoon character, Ratt was assembled in Los Angeles in 1981. Comedian Milton Berle appeared in the video for the single “Round And Round” from the rock group’s double-platinum debut album Out of the Cellar (1984). They performed “Body Talk” in the Eddie Murphy film “The Golden Child.”


ProSet Super Stars MusiCards #164

Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Doro Pesch joined the hard rock/heavy metal local band Snakebite after studying to be a graphic designer. In 1983 she helped create another band, Warlock, generating the albums Burning the Witches (1983), Hellbound (1985), True as Steel (1986) and Triumph and Agony (1986). Doro was the first female to perfrom in the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1986. Going solo, she recorded Force Majeure (1988), followed by Doro (1990).


ProSet Super Stars MusiCards #87

The Party
San Diego-born Deedee Magno has been singing and dancing since age eight. Damon Pampolina is the son of a Houston rock DJ. Albert Fields grew up in Gary, Indiana, but spent years in Chicago, where he studied ballet. Tiffini Hale was born in Palm Springs, California, but was raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Chase Hampton is a fifth generation Oklahoman of Cherokee heritage.