musicandreverie replied to your link: Holy smuck, man. If I win, and you want to fly on over, you’re invited, haha.

wait. where are you?
youre out west too arent you?
or is my memory failing me …
“Winner may claim his/her Prize in each of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver”

this is a big deal.
do you know what YOURE doing every 24 hours?
i sure as shit do. 

good luck. and godspeed!  

musicandreverie replied to your post: musicandreverie replied to your video: The Band -…

Word. What are your favourite performances from The Last Waltz? Neil Diamond, anyone? Haha. :P

my favourite moments.. apart from the Band’s performances are..

Van Morrison’s outfit..
Neil Diamond being Neil Diamond … dry your eyes!!!
Clapton’s guitar strap falling off and Robbie taking over and showing him up in a big way.. and Clapton knows it. :D
and Dylan after forever young… before they go into Baby Let Me Follow You Down… and Robbie Robertson is just looking at him… “what are we doing now? hmm.. why are you stopping? Seriously….” lol

musicandreverie replied to your post: Haha, your memory is indeed failing you! I’m in Ontario. Ottawa it would have to be, I guess. Good luck to you, too! I hope one of us gets it!

 musicandreverie replied to your post: PS: Do you have 20 friends that would even want to go to this? Haha. I don’t think I do.

ummm. shit. i thought you may be in good ol’ onterrible.
you told me once … near toronto is it?
sowwie. i blame old age on the failing memory.

and funny you say that, cos i was thinking when i read the contest details “up to 20 friends” …  like … do i even have 20 friends, let alone 20 that would wanna go?
probs not. youre on my list for sure.