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  • hetalia (switzerland)
  • free (makoharu)
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  • tokyo ghoul
  • zankyou no terror
  • barakamon
  • black butler (haventseenaloisforawhile)
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  • id say knb but ive seen 7 episodes over 4 months…
  • musicals 
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki kun 
  • no 6
  • doctor who
  • id also say attack on titan but im kinda losing intrest for some reason
  • uhh im running out but anime in general i guess
  • got a thing for blond guys if that would mean anything to you
  • im not kidding 99% of my favorite characters are freaking blond i 
The effect of the fifties musicals, therefore, contradicted their intent. Far from confirming the continued validity of the old myth of reconciliation, they implied a bleak image of America where only effort and willed self-confidence could maintain the traditional ways. Their pretentiousness was the most obvious sign of that effort, and the most visible contradiction of the Classic Hollywood musical’s faith that individual energy and community cooperation were not incompatible.
—  Robert B. Ray, 1985