noodlerama said:

Wallace trying to bring Contest to Kalos does give an intersting though, do you think there would be any friction between the people of Kalos wanting to keep Performances as the main appeal of the reigon and not wanting it to be "overtaken" by Contests?

There would actually be similar frictions for both Unova wanting to keep Musicals as their main appeal and for Kalos wanting to keep Pokemon Performances as their main attraction in my opinion.

This holds especially true for the people of Kalos. While Unova is a bit more progressive and liberal than Kalos, Kalosians hold their traditions, history and culture very dear to them, so contests would likely be met with even more resistance. Most naysayers would easily dismiss contests as Performances whose appeal rounds are just lackluster copies of the real thing, with added battles after to try and attract a lesser cultured crowd.

I think the movement would succeed, but there will always be some negativity towards a contest circuit in Kalos. However, as popular as they do become, they’ll never overcome the popularity of Pokemon Performances, which has been tied into Kalosian culture for decades already.


Notre Dame de Paris (French Production - 1999) - Full Show

Musical based upon Victor Hugo’s novel “Notre Dame de Paris” (“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”).


Esmeralda - Helene Segara
Gringoir - Bruno Pelletier
Quasimodo - Garou
Frollo - Daniel Lavoie
Fleus-de-Lys - Julie Zenatti
Clopin - Luc Mervil
Phoebus - Patrick Fiori