Rent sentence pack
  • We begin on Christmas Eve.
  • Inside, it's freezing... Because we have no heat.
  • I say c'est la vie. So let her be a lesbian!
  • I'm writing one great song.
  • A wild night is now preordained.
  • I may be detained.
  • Two days ago I was dumped.
  • How we gunna pay?
  • Awh, you sound sad.
  • We're not gunna pay.
  • You okay, honey?
  • You're cute when you blush.
  • Where're you going?
  • Time flies. Time dies.
  • Got a light?
  • You're shivering.
  • What are you staring at?
  • You look familiar.
  • I think that I dropped my stash.
  • They say that I have the best ass below 14th Street. Is it true?
  • I'm old for my age.
  • I'm just born to be bad.
  • Today for you, tomorrow for me.
  • Hey! You bum! Yeah, you! Move over. Get your ass off that range rover.
  • I told her not to call you.
  • Can I help, since I'm here?
  • This is weird. Very weird. Fuckin' weird.
  • This is spooky.
  • I'm getting nauseous.
  • She cheated.
  • You know, I feel great now.
  • How do you feel today?
  • I'm a New Yorker; fear's my life!
  • Reason says I should have died three years ago.
  • What's the time? Well it's got to be close to midnight.
  • My body's talking to me. It says, 'Time for danger!'
  • Let's run away.
  • Take me out tonight.
  • I'll let you bite me.
  • Who do you think you are, barging in on me and my guitar?
  • The door is that way.
  • Looking for romance? Come back another day.
  • Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?
  • Who the fuck do you think you are? I don't need no goddamn help.
  • Times are pretty shitty, but I'm pretty sure they can't get worse.
  • Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe.
  • Alone at last.
  • Are we a thing?
  • Live in my house. I'll be your shelter.
  • Just pay me back with 1,000 kisses.
  • Be my lover.
  • I know they meant it when they said you can't buy love.
  • 'Merry' ain't in my vocabulary.
  • It's beginning to snow.
  • I do not deserve you.
  • It was bad. I got mad.
  • Let's go eat. I'll just get fat.
  • I should tell you...
  • Last night I had a dream!
  • I got to get out of here! It's like I'm being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil pushed over a cliff by a suicidal Mickey Mouse!
  • Moo with me.
  • No, please no. Not tonight. Please no.
  • Go to hell!
  • Bohemia is dead.
  • Mucho masturbation.
  • Viva la vie boheme!
  • Wine and beer!
  • I'd forgotten how to smile.
  • The cops are sweeping the lot.
  • The opposite of war isn't peace; it's creation.
  • How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?
  • Honey, I know you're there. Please pick up the phone. Are you okay?
  • There's hope. But just in case, I brought rope.
  • How'd you know we'd be here?
  • I'll drink to that.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Coming?
  • I'm fine. Go.
  • Well, well, well, what do we have here?
  • You were flirting with the woman in rubber!
  • There will always be women in rubber flirting with me! Give me a break!
  • Take me, baby, or leave me.
  • Be mine or don't waste my time.
  • Every night, who's in your bed?
  • That's it! The straw that breaks the camel's back! I quit, unless you take it back.
  • Without you, the earth turns, the sun burns; but I die without you.
  • Take me. Take me. Take me.
  • It was bad for me. Was it bad for you?
  • Sweet kisses I've got to spare.
  • I will cover you.
  • How did we get here? How the hell?
  • Who said I was talking to you?
  • Guys! Chill!
  • I can't believe this is goodbye.
  • Are you insane?
  • There's so much to care about.
  • Who are you to tell me what I know or what to do?
  • You live a lie!
  • Just came to say, Goodbye, Love.
  • Please don't touch me.
  • Understand, I'm scared.
  • It's like the Twilight Zone.
  • I quit!
  • I am not alone.
  • Please call.
  • Come help!
  • Don't waste your money on me.
  • Your eyes, as we said our goodbyes. Can't get them out of my mind.
  • How'd I let you slip away?
  • There's something I should have told you.
  • I have always loved you.
  • Turn around, girlfriend.
  • Whispering
  • Original Cast Recording
  • Spring Awakening [2006 OBC]

365 Showtunes DAY 241: SPRING AWAKENING - Whispering

Short post today, because I’m in a rush as I queue this.

Today is Lea Michele’s birthday! Here she is when she was young and still soft and adorable and before Glee even happened. 

Happy birthday! 

Hi! So the reason I haven’t been posting/reblogging much on this lately is simply because I don’t find much theatre-related stuff on my dash anymore. Therefore, I want you to reblog this if you post any of the following:

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•or anything that’s theatre related at all(I figured I couldn’t list everything)

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Wow, Twisted was brilliant. I don’t think it was quite as good as the A Very Potter series, but it was excellent nonetheless. I’m not even sure how I can put my feelings about it into words…

The script and acting was hilarious and genius, the references to Aladdin, Wicked, other Disney films etc. were just wonderful and the ending made me cry, which isn’t altogether unusual, but nevertheless always makes me like something more.

Yeah, just go watch Twisted if you haven’t (and go watch it again if you have) for some musical goodness!

what do you mean it isn’t a solo? a playlist of duets and ensemble numbers we somehow manage to sing by ourselves, character voices and all

[listen on 8tracks]

/ i. prologue - into the woods / ii. the confrontation - les miserables / iii. hello - the book of mormon / iv. who’s crazy/my psychopharmacologist and I - next to normal / v. the bitch of living - spring awakening / vi. there! right there! - legally blonde / vii. cell block tango - chicago / viii. king of new york - newsies / ix. i’ve decided to marry you - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder / x. what is this feeling? - wicked / xi. i am the one - next to normal / xii. your fault - into the woods / xiii. anything you can do - annie get your gun / xiv. la vie bohème - rent / xv. one day more - les miserables / bonus track. get back to hogwarts - starkid