so i was tagged by to spell my name with songs so…

M- My Understandings by Of Mice & Men

E - Even If She Falls by Blink-182

G - Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake by Bring Me The Horizon

A - Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

N - Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria and   

now it’s your turn :) 

reclaimthelungi asked:

You come from such an eclectic spiritual background. I'm disappointed that you refuse to find God and instead attack me with these posts about geriatric hags trying to segue into alternative musical traditions that offendh my sanskriti and parampara. Please delete your blog or at the very least unfollow me I cannot handle this anymore. I'll miss you but it's for the better tbh. You're obviously sick in the head and this cannot be a burden for me to handle anymore. Nhamasthe.


anonymous asked:

Uh, I'm not sure if your still doing ships could you do one for me? I'm 5'4", redish- brown hair, green/blue eyes ( they kinda switch back and forth, it's weird and a long story) I tend to avoid sports and people in general, but can be a bit on the loud side when I'm with my friends. I spend most of my time writing or listening to music. I love your blog by the way! You're a very good writer!

((Even if you sent this yesterday I am indeed still doing ships ^.^ And thank you so much! I try to practice a lot in terms of writing, and I’m glad it shows.))

You’re Shipped With: South Italy/Lovino Vargas

The Italian would completely agree with you in terms of avoiding people, insisting that they’re all stupid bastards anyways. While you wrote, he would spend his time painting, which he is actually quite good at despite other people’s beliefs. He would gladly listen to music with you, though he would constantly voice his (maybe not so nice) opinions on whatever song you were currently listening to until you told him to be quiet.

I Wanna Be Yours
  • I Wanna Be Yours
  • Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys | I Wanna Be Yours

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I won’t ever rust
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot

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Schoolboy Q’s Mom Reads Lyrics To Collard Greens

This is so hilarious and awkward, we already saw some of Hip-Hop moms read their sons lyrics, but this… Words by your mother Quincy. Shame on you Jimmy Kimmel lmfao…